verb (fixated; fixating) Date: 1885 transitive verb 1. to make fixed, stationary, or unchanging 2. to focus one's gaze on 3. to direct (the libido) toward an infantile form of gratification intransitive verb 1. to focus or concentrate one's gaze or attention intently or obsessively 2. to undergo arrestment at a stage of development

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • fixate — (v.) 1885, to fix, make stable, from FIX (Cf. fix) (v.) + ATE (Cf. ate). Meaning to gaze upon is from 1889. Psychological sense is from 1926, originally in Freudian theory, in this case perhaps a back formation from FIXATION (Cf. fixation).… …   Etymology dictionary

  • fixate — [v] focus become attached, center on, direct, haunt, infatuate, obsess, rivet one’s eyes*, zero in on; concepts 17,623 …   New thesaurus

  • fixate — ► VERB 1) (often be fixated on) cause to be obsessively interested in. 2) direct one s eyes towards …   English terms dictionary

  • fixate — [fik′sāt΄] vt., vi. fixated, fixating [< ML fixatus, pp. of fixare < fixus: see FIX] to make or become fixed; specif., a) to direct and focus (the eyes) on (a point or object) b) Psychoanalysis to attach or arrest (the expression of the… …   English World dictionary

  • fixate — fix·ate fik .sāt vb, fix·at·ed; fix·at·ing vt 1) to focus one s gaze on 2) to direct (the libido) toward an infantile form of gratification vi 1) to focus or concentrate one s gaze or attention <an infant with normal vision...will fixate on a… …   Medical dictionary

  • fixate — /fik sayt/, v., fixated, fixating. v.t. 1. to fix; make stable or stationary. v.i. 2. to become fixed. 3. Psychoanal. to develop a fixation; suffer an arrest in one s emotional or sexual development. [1880 85; < L fix(us) fixed, firm (see FIX) +… …   Universalium

  • fixate — verb a) To make something fixed and stable; to fix. b) To stare fixedly at something …   Wiktionary

  • fixate — (Roget s 3 Superthesaurus) v. focus, direct, lock on to, obsess, attach, become attached …   English dictionary for students

  • fixate — fix·ate || fɪkseɪt v. set firmly in place, stabilize, make steady; focus on (especially in an obsessive manner); experience arrested emotional development …   English contemporary dictionary

  • fixate — [fɪk seɪt] verb 1》 (often be fixated on) cause to be obsessively interested in something or someone.     ↘(in Freudian theory) arrest (a person or their libidinal energy) at an immature stage, causing an obsessive attachment. 2》 direct one s eyes …   English new terms dictionary

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