noun Etymology: ultimately from Greek eury- + pteron wing — more at feather Date: 1871 any of an order (Eurypterida) of usually large aquatic Paleozoic arthropods resembling scorpions and related to the horseshoe crabs — called also sea scorpioneurypterid adjective

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • eurypterid — fossil swimming crustacean of the Silurian and Devonian, 1874, from eurys broad, wide (see ANEURYSM (Cf. aneurysm)) + pteron feather, wing (see PETITION (Cf. petition)); so called from their swimming appendages …   Etymology dictionary

  • eurypterid — [yo͞o rip′tər id΄] n. [< ModL Eurypterida < Gr eurys, broad + pteron, FEATHER, wing: so named from a pair of broad swimming appendages] any of an extinct order (Eurypterida) of large, aquatic arthropods of the Paleozoic Era, similar to the… …   English World dictionary

  • Eurypterid — Taxobox name = Eurypterids fossil range = Fossil range|510|248 Cambrian Permian image caption = Eurypterid from Ernst Haeckel s Kunstformen der Natur , 1904. regnum = Animalia phylum = Arthropoda subphylum = Chelicerata classis = Eurypterida… …   Wikipedia

  • eurypterid — /yoo rip teuh rid, yeuh /, n. any aquatic arthropod of the extinct order Eurypterida, from the Paleozoic Era, closely related to trilobites and scorpions. [1870 75; < NL Eurypteridae. See EURY , PTEROUS, ID2] * * * Member of an extinct order… …   Universalium

  • eurypterid — noun A large, prehistoric, carnivorous arthropod, of the order Eurypterida, thought to be one of the first animals to venture onto land. Syn: sea scorpion …   Wiktionary

  • eurypterid — [ˌjʊ(ə) rɪptərɪd] noun a giant fossil marine arthropod of a group occurring in the Palaeozoic era, resembling large scorpions. Origin C19: from mod. L. Eurypterus (genus name), from eury + Gk pteron wing + id3 …   English new terms dictionary

  • eurypterid — eu·ryp·te·rid …   English syllables

  • eurypterid — eu•ryp•ter•id [[t]yʊˈrɪp tə rɪd, yə [/t]] n. pal any extinct aquatic arthropod of the Paleozoic order Eurypterida, related to horseshoe crabs • Etymology: 1870–75; < NL Eurypteridae. See eury , pterous, id II …   From formal English to slang

  • eurypterid — /juˈrɪptərɪd/ (say yooh riptuhrid) noun any of the Eurypterida, a group of extinct Palaeozoic arthropods resembling in some respects the horseshoe crabs. {New Latin Eurypterida, plural, from Greek eury eury + Greek pteron wing + ida (see id2) …   Australian English dictionary

  • eurypterid — noun large extinct scorpion like arthropod considered related to horseshoe crabs • Hypernyms: ↑arthropod • Member Holonyms: ↑Eurypterida, ↑order Eurypterida …   Useful english dictionary

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