adjective Date: circa 1941 of or relating to epithelial cells of the intestinal mucosa that stain especially with chromium salts and usually contain serotonin

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • enterochromaffin — en·tero·chro·maf·fin .ent ə rō krō mə fən adj of, relating to, or being epithelial cells of the intestinal mucosa that stain esp. with chromium salts and usu. contain serotonin * * * en·ter·o·chro·maf·fin (en″tər o kroґmə fin)… …   Medical dictionary

  • Enterochromaffin-like cell — Enterochromaffin like cells or ECL cells are a type of neuroendocrine cells found in the gastric glands of the gastric mucosa beneath the epithelium, particularly in the vicinity of parietal cells. They are also considered a type of… …   Wikipedia

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  • enterochromaffin cells — endocrine cells whose granules stain readily with silver and chromium salts, and which are sites of synthesis and storage of serotonin. They are distributed throughout the body but are most frequently identified in the intestinal and bronchial… …   Medical dictionary

  • enterochromaffin-like cell — a paracrine cell of the fundic glands that controls the secretion of acid by releasing histamine in response to stimulation by gastrin. Called also ECL c …   Medical dictionary

  • ECL cell carcinoid — enterochromaffin like cell carcinoid a small, circumscribed, often polypoid tumor of the gastric fundus, consisting of enterochromaffin like (ECL) cells and believed to be secondary to hypergastrinemia, which stimulates the proliferation of ECL… …   Medical dictionary

  • argyrophilic cells — enterochromaffin cells that require exposure to a reducing substance before their granules will react with silver; they are located in the fundic and pyloric glands between the basement lamina and zymogenic cells. Cf. argentaffin c s …   Medical dictionary

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