transitive verb Date: 1580 1. obsolete to make higher in cost, value, or estimation 2. to cause to become beloved or admired <
her generosity has endeared her to the public
endearingly adverb

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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  • endear — [en dir′, indir′] vt. to make dear, beloved, or well liked [to endear oneself by acts of generosity] …   English World dictionary

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  • endear — 1580s, to enhance the value of, also win the affection of, from EN (Cf. en ) (1) make, put in + DEAR (Cf. dear). Meaning to make dear is from 1640s. Related: Endeared; endearing …   Etymology dictionary

  • endear — [v] attract attention attach, bind, captivate, charm, cherish, engage, prize, treasure, value, win; concepts 7,22,32 Ant. disenchant, repulse …   New thesaurus

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