dog it
phrasal to fail to do one's best ; goldbrick

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • dog it — 1) vb British to play truant. The term is heard partic ularly in the Scottish Lowlands and the north of England. 2) vb American to perform badly, fail to do one s best. A campus and high school expression from the 1970s. If you dog it again this… …   Contemporary slang

  • dog it — informal, chiefly N. Amer. act lazily. → dog …   English new terms dictionary

  • dog it — verb To underperform; to lag behind; to fail to exert effort The coach made him run extra laps, because he was dogging it in practice …   Wiktionary

  • dog it — be lazy, not work    Bill admits he s been dogging it lately. He lacks energy …   English idioms

  • dog it — idi Informal. to do something perfunctorily or not at all …   From formal English to slang

  • dog it — phrasal 1. slang : to run away 2. slang : to fail to try one s best : loaf on the job : goldbrick …   Useful english dictionary

  • The Dog it was that Died — is a play by the British playwright Tom Stoppard.Written for BBC Radio in 1982, it concerns the dilemma faced by a spy over who he actually works for. The play was also adapted for television by Stoppard, and broadcast in 1988. StoryRupert Purvis …   Wikipedia

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  • Dog — (d[o^]g), n. [AS. docga; akin to D. dog mastiff, Dan. dogge, Sw. dogg.] 1. (Zo[ o]l.) A quadruped of the genus {Canis}, esp. the domestic dog ({Canis familiaris}). Note: The dog is distinguished above all others of the inferior animals for… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

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