noun (plural coryphaei) Etymology: Latin, leader, from Greek koryphaios, from koryphē summit Date: 1655 1. the leader of a party or school of thought 2. the leader of a chorus

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Coryphaeus — Coryphaeus, or Koryphaios (Greek κορυφαῖος koryphaîos, from κορυφή koryphḗ, the top of the head), and often corypheus in English. In Attic drama, the coryphaeus was the leader of the chorus. Hence the term (sometimes in an Anglicized form coryphe …   Wikipedia

  • CORYPHAEUS — Graece, Κορυφαῖος, Aristoteli Chori Princeps, aliter χοραγὸς; cantum incipiebat, quem proxime παραςτάτης sequebatur, sicut hunc τριτοςτάτης. Et quidem Coryphaeus altiore vocis sonô utebatur, quem ceteri mediocri excipiebant atque subsequebantur.… …   Hofmann J. Lexicon universale

  • coryphaeus — [kôr΄ə fē′əs] n. pl. coryphaei [kôr΄ə fē′ī] [L < Gr koryphaios < koryphē, head, top; akin to korys: see CORYDALIS] 1. the leader of the chorus in ancient Greek drama 2. a leader, as of a sect or movement …   English World dictionary

  • coryphaeus — /kawr euh fee euhs, kor /, n., pl. coryphaei / fee uy/. 1. the leader of the chorus in the ancient Greek drama. 2. the leader of an operatic chorus or any group of singers. [1625 35; < L < Gk koryphaîos leading, equiv. to koryph(é) head, top +… …   Universalium

  • coryphaeus — noun In Attic Greek drama, it meant the leader of the chorus, today though it has come to generally mean any leader or spokesperson …   Wiktionary

  • coryphaeus — cor·y·phae·us || ‚kÉ’rɪ fiːəs n. spokesman; leader of a chorus in ancient Greek drama …   English contemporary dictionary

  • coryphaeus — cor·y·phae·us …   English syllables

  • coryphaeus — cor•y•phae•us [[t]ˌkɔr əˈfi əs, ˌkɒr [/t]] n. pl. phae•i [[t] ˈfi aɪ[/t]] 1) lit. the leader of the chorus in ancient Greek drama 2) a spokesperson • Etymology: 1625–35; < L < Gk koryphaîos leading, der. of koryph(ḗ) head, top …   From formal English to slang

  • coryphaeus — /kɒrəˈfiəs/ (say koruh feeuhs) noun (plural coryphaei /kɒrəˈfii/ (say koruh feeee)) 1. the leader of the chorus in the ancient Greek drama. 2. (in modern use) the leader of an operatic chorus, or of any band of singers. {Latin, from Greek… …   Australian English dictionary

  • coryphaeus —   n. (pl. aei ) chorus leader; spokesman.    ♦ coryphée / feI/, n. leading woman dancer in corps de ballet …   Dictionary of difficult words

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