noun Etymology: Middle French, from Italian dialect (N Italy) corridore, from correre to run, from Latin currere — more at car Date: 1719 1. a. a passageway (as in a hotel or office building) into which compartments or rooms open b. a place or position in which especially political power is wielded through discussion and deal-making <
was excluded from the corridors of power after losing the election
2. a usually narrow passageway or route: as a. a narrow strip of land through foreign-held territory b. a restricted lane for air traffic c. a land path used by migrating animals 3. a. a densely populated strip of land including two or more major cities <
the Northeast corridor stretching from Washington into New England — S. D. Browne
b. an area or stretch of land identified by a specific common characteristic or purpose <
a corridor of liberalism
the city's industrial corridor

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.


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