noun see unhandy

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • unhandiness — See unhandily. * * * …   Universalium

  • unhandiness — un·handiness …   English syllables

  • unhandiness — “+ noun : the quality or state of being unhandy …   Useful english dictionary

  • awkward — adjective Etymology: Middle English awkeward in the wrong direction, from awke turned the wrong way, from Old Norse ǫfugr; akin to Old High German abuh turned the wrong way Date: 1530 1. obsolete perverse 2. archaic unfavorable …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • unhandy — adjective Date: 1664 1. hard to handle ; inconvenient 2. lacking in skill or dexterity ; awkward • unhandily adverb • unhandiness noun …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Second-rate — In the British Royal Navy, a Second rate was a ship of the line mounting 90 to 98 guns on three gun decks. They were essentially smaller and hence cheaper versions of the three decker First rates. Like the First rates, they fought in the centre… …   Wikipedia

  • unhandy — unhandily, adv. unhandiness, n. /un han dee/, adj., unhandier, unhandiest. 1. not skillful in manual work: He s unhandy when it comes to fixing things around the house. 2. inconveniently placed or arranged. 3. difficult to handle or use, as tools …   Universalium

  • bother — Synonyms and related words: abash, abrade, abuse a privilege, addle, addle the wits, ado, afflict, aggravate, aggravation, agitate, agitation, ail, annoy, annoyance, anxiety, awkwardness, bad news, badger, baffle, bafflement, bait, ball up, be at …   Moby Thesaurus

  • impracticality — Synonyms and related words: autism, autistic thinking, awkwardness, bulkiness, clumsiness, cumbersomeness, dereism, dereistic thinking, dreamery, flight of fancy, hulkiness, ideal, idealism, ideality, idealization, imaginative exercise,… …   Moby Thesaurus

  • inconvenience — Synonyms and related words: abuse a privilege, ado, aggravate, aggravation, ail, annoy, annoyance, anxiety, awkwardness, be the matter, beset, besetment, bother, bothersomeness, bulkiness, burden, burdening, burdensomeness, burthen, can of worms …   Moby Thesaurus

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