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New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • transpirational — See transpiration. * * * …   Universalium

  • transpirational — adjective Pertaining to transpiration …   Wiktionary

  • Transpirational pull — is the main phenomenon driving the flow of water in the xylem tissues of large plants.MechanismsTranspirational pull results ultimately from the evaporation of water from the surfaces of cells in the interior of the leaves. This evaporation… …   Wikipedia

  • Xylem — Multiple cross sections of a flowering plant stem showing primary and secondary xylem and phloem[1] Xylem is one of the two types of transport tissue in vascular plants. (Phloem is the other). The word xylem is derived from the Classical Greek… …   Wikipedia

  • Root pressure — Root pressure: osmotic pressure within the cells of a root system that causes sap to rise through a plant stem to the leaves.Root pressure occurs in the xylem of some vascular plants when the soil moisture level is high either at night or when… …   Wikipedia

  • transpiration — noun Date: 15th century the act or process or an instance of transpiring; especially the passage of watery vapor from a living body (as of a plant) through a membrane or pores • transpirational adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Guttation — is the appearance of drops of xylem sap on the tips or edges of leaves of some vascular plants, such as grasses.At night, transpiration usually does not occur because most plants have their stomata closed. When there is a high soil moisture level …   Wikipedia

  • Meniscus — For other uses, see Meniscus (anatomy), Lens (optics)#Types of simple lenses, and Meniscus Film Festival. A: The bottom of a concave meniscus. B: The top of a convex meniscus. The meniscus (plural: menisci, from the Greek for crescent ) is the… …   Wikipedia

  • Fluid statics — (also called hydrostatics) is the science of fluids at rest, and is a sub field within fluid mechanics. The term usually refers to the mathematical treatment of the subject. It embraces the study of the conditions under which fluids are at rest… …   Wikipedia

  • Negative pressure — may refer to: negative pressure as opposed to positive pressure stretched liquid vacuum negative gauge pressure, a way of expressing pressure measurements below atmospheric pressure suction transpirational pull See also pressure positive pressure …   Wikipedia

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