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New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • top-up — ˈtop up noun [countable] FINANCE an extra amount added to something in order to bring it up to the level you want: • Your bank may agree to provide the top up needed to make a purchase possible. top up adjective [only before a noun] : • a top up… …   Financial and business terms

  • top-up — top ups 1) N COUNT A top up is another serving of a drink in the same glass that you have just used. [BRIT] Anyone ready for a top up? 2) ADJ: ADJ n A top up loan or payment is added to an amount of money in order to bring it up to a required… …   English dictionary

  • top up — Companies may provide retirement benefits greater than the Inland Revenue limits. Such top up benefits schemes may be funded through either a FURBS (funded unapproved retirement benefits scheme) or an URBS (unfunded unapproved retirement benefits …   Law dictionary

  • top-up — n BrE 1.) an amount of liquid that you add to a glass, cup etc in order to make it full again ▪ Would you like a top up? 2.) an extra payment that brings an amount to the desired level ▪ top up loans for students …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • top up — ► top up 1) add to (a number or amount) to bring it up to a certain level. 2) fill up (a partly full container). Main Entry: ↑top …   English terms dictionary

  • top-up — top ,up noun count BRITISH an amount of liquid added to a glass or cup that someone is drinking from in order to fill it: Can I have a top up, please? …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • top up — phrasal verb [transitive] Word forms top up : present tense I/you/we/they top up he/she/it tops up present participle topping up past tense topped up past participle topped up 1) a) to completely fill a container that is already partly full I ll… …   English dictionary

  • top-up — UK / US noun [countable] Word forms top up : singular top up plural top ups British 1) an amount of liquid added to a glass or cup that someone is drinking from in order to fill it Can I have a top up, please? 2) an amount of money added to other …   English dictionary

  • top up — PHRASAL VERB If you top something up, you make it full again when part of it has been used. [mainly BRIT] → See also top up [V P n (not pron)] We topped up the water tanks... [V n P] He topped her glass up after complaining she was a slow d …   English dictionary

  • top up — verb a) to refill something I shall top up with petrol before the long trip. b) to extend the credit of something The waitress topped up my coffee every few minutes. Syn: refill …   Wiktionary

  • top-up — /ˈtɒp ʌp/ (say top up) noun 1. a further supply of something, usually a liquid, to replenish a container: a top up for your glass of champagne. 2. a further supply of money into an account to ensure that it does not fall into arrears …   Australian English dictionary

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