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New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • tealike — adjective Resembling tea (the drink or plant) or some aspect of it …   Wiktionary

  • maté — /mah tay, mat ay, mah tay /, n. 1. a tealike South American beverage made from the dried leaves of an evergreen tree. 2. a South American tree, Ilex paraguariensis, that is the source of this beverage. 3. the dried leaves of this tree. Also, mate …   Universalium

  • coca — /koh keuh/, n. 1. a shrub, Erythroxylon coca, native to the Andes, having simple, alternate leaves and small yellowish flowers. 2. the dried leaves of this shrub, which are chewed for their stimulant properties and which yield cocaine and other… …   Universalium

  • mate — mate1 mateless, adj. /mayt/, n., v., mated, mating. n. 1. husband or wife; spouse. 2. one member of a pair of mated animals. 3. one of a pair: I can t find the mate to this glove. 4. a counterpart. 5. an associate; fellow worker; comrade; partner …   Universalium

  • maté — or mate noun Etymology: French & American Spanish; French maté, from American Spanish mate maté, vessel for drinking it, from Quechua mati vessel Date: 1758 1. a tealike beverage drunk especially in South America 2. a South American shrub or tree …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • tea — noun Etymology: Chinese (Xiamen) dé Date: circa 1655 1. a. a shrub (Camellia sinensis of the family Theaceae, the tea family) cultivated especially in China, Japan, and the East Indies b. the leaves, leaf buds, and internodes of the tea plant… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Doda (Droge) — Doda gilt als eine Droge, welche u.a. in Indien konsumiert wird. Sie setzt sich im Allgemeinen aus Opium und Bethelnuss zusammen. Doda hält den Konsumenten wach, verlangsamt aber seine Reflexe.[1] Der National Geographic beschreibt es als ein… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Argentina — /ahr jeuhn tee neuh/; Sp. /ahrdd hen tee nah/, n. a republic in S South America. 35,797,536; 1,084,120 sq. mi. (2,807,870 sq. km). Cap.: Buenos Aires. Also called the Argentine. Official name, Argentine Republic. * * * Argentina Introduction… …   Universalium

  • cave — cavelike, adj. /kayv/, n., v., caved, caving. n. 1. a hollow in the earth, esp. one opening more or less horizontally into a hill, mountain, etc. 2. a storage cellar, esp. for wine. 3. Eng. Hist. a secession, or a group of seceders, from a… …   Universalium

  • Paraguay — Paraguayan, adj., n. /par euh gwuy , gway /; Sp. /pah rddah gwuy /, n. 1. a republic in central South America between Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina. 5,651,634; 157,047 sq. mi. (406,750 sq. km). Cap.: Asunción. 2. a river in central South America …   Universalium

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