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New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • talentless — tal|ent|less [ˈtæləntləs] adj not having any special abilities or skills ▪ a noisy, talentless band …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • talentless — talent ► NOUN 1) natural aptitude or skill. 2) people possessing such aptitude or skill. 3) informal people regarded as sexually attractive or as prospective sexual partners. 4) an ancient weight and unit of currency. DERIVATIVES talentless… …   English terms dictionary

  • talentless — See talented. * * * …   Universalium

  • talentless — adjective having no talent or natural ability …   Wiktionary

  • talentless — tal·ent·less …   English syllables

  • talentless — adjective devoid of talent; not gifted • Syn: ↑untalented • Ant: ↑talented (for: ↑untalented) • Derivationally related forms: ↑talentlessness …   Useful english dictionary

  • Theatre of the Relatively Talentless — The Theatre of the Relatively Talentless (T.O.R.T.) is a theatrical company that puts on musicals and other performances written, produced, directed and performed by students of the University of Minnesota Law School. TORT is a duly registered,… …   Wikipedia

  • justin\ bieber — 1. (Justin Bieber) (19179↑, 7426↓) A 15 year old who looks like and sounds like a 10 year old. (hasn t hit puerberty yet) who has made one song called One Time where he throws a party at ushers house with no alchol or weed. just a clean party.… …   Urban English dictionary

  • hilary\ duff — 1. (Hilary Duff) (6040↑, 1554↓) A girl who got a record deal based on her already present fame, rather than vocal talent. Her voice is horrible, despite the digital altering. Hilary Duff makes Britney Spears sound like Mariah Carey. And, on top… …   Urban English dictionary

  • paris\ hilton — 1. (Paris Hilton) (18177↑, 2079↓) Like Kansas, flat, white and easy to enter The #1 coin collection by Conan O Brien Author: James Lowe http://paris hilton.urbanup.com/862371 2. (paris hilton) (7212↑, 2189↓) (1) in physiology, to have an… …   Urban English dictionary

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