take ten
phrasal see take five

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • take ten — verb take a ten minute break The players took ten during the long rehearsal • Hypernyms: ↑pause, ↑intermit, ↑break • Verb Frames: Somebody s * * * phrasal see …   Useful english dictionary

  • take — [tāk] vt. took, taken, taking [ME taken < OE tacan < ON taka < ? IE base * dēg , to lay hold of] I to get possession of by force or skill; seize, grasp, catch, capture, win, etc. 1. to get by conquering; capture; seize 2. to trap, snare …   English World dictionary

  • ten — /ten/, n. 1. a cardinal number, nine plus one. 2. a symbol for this number, as 10 or X. 3. a set of this many persons or things. 4. a playing card with ten pips. 5. Informal. a ten dollar bill: She had two tens and a five in her purse. 6. Also… …   Universalium

  • Take Five — est une composition du saxophoniste Paul Desmond écrite en 1959 pour l album Time Out du quartet de Dave Brubeck. Le titre vient d un jeu de mot sur l expression anglaise « take five », qui peut signifier « pause de cinq… …   Wikipédia en Français

  • take five — verb take a break for five minutes The musicians took five during the rehearsal • Hypernyms: ↑pause, ↑intermit, ↑break • Verb Frames: Somebody s * * * phrasal …   Useful english dictionary

  • take — I [[t]te͟ɪk[/t]] USED WITH NOUNS DESCRIBING ACTIONS ♦ takes, taking, took, taken (Take is used in combination with a wide range of nouns, where the meaning of the combination is mostly given by the noun. Many of these combinations are common… …   English dictionary

  • take five — Synonyms and related words: break, breathe, call a break, call time, declare a recess, interlude, intermit, interval, intervene, knock off, lay off, pause, recess, stop for breath, take a break, take a recess, take a rest, take ten, take time out …   Moby Thesaurus

  • take five — or take ten phrasal to take a break especially from work …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Ten (Pearl Jam album) — Ten Studio album by Pearl Jam Released August 27, 1991 …   Wikipedia

  • Ten Tors — is an annual weekend hike organised and run in early May for 2,400 young people by the British Army on Dartmoor. The majority of entrants are schools, colleges, Scout groups and Cadet squadrons from South West England, though groups from across… …   Wikipedia

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