adjective see sporogenesis

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • sporogenous — /speuh roj euh neuhs/, adj. of or pertaining to spores or spore production. [1885 90; SPORO + GENOUS] * * * …   Universalium

  • sporogenous — Relating to or involved in sporogony. * * * spo·rog·e·nous spə räj ə nəs, spȯ also spo·ro·gen·ic .spōr ə jen ik, .spȯr adj of, relating to, involving, or reproducing by sporogenesis * * * spo·rog·e·nous (spə rojґə nəs) sporogenic …   Medical dictionary

  • sporogenous — adj. (Biology) of or pertaining to spores; of or pertaining to the production of spores …   English contemporary dictionary

  • sporogenous — [spə rɒdʒɪnəs] adjective chiefly Botany (of an organism or tissue) producing spores …   English new terms dictionary

  • sporogenous — spo·rog·e·nous …   English syllables

  • sporogenous — adj. producing spores …   Useful english dictionary

  • sporogenic cycle — sporogenous cycle the sexual cycle in protozoa that is usually passed in another host, often an insect …   Medical dictionary

  • Pollen — Tip of a tulip stamen with many grains of pollen Closeup image of a cac …   Wikipedia

  • Microsporangia — Microsporangium is a sporangium that produces spores that give rise to male gametophytes. Microsporangia are notable in spikemosses, and a minority of ferns. In Gymnosperms and Angiosperms (Flowering plants), the microsporangium produce the… …   Wikipedia

  • Microgametogenesis — is the process in plant reproduction where a microgametophyte develops in a pollen grain to the three celled stage of its development. In flowering plants it occurs with a microspore mother cell inside the anther of the plant. When the… …   Wikipedia

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