spongy tissue
noun see spongy parenchyma

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Spongy tissue — is a type of tissue found in plants. It is part of the mesophyll, where it forms a layer next to the palisade cells in the leaf. It is also the name of a disorder of fruit ripening which can reduce the value of a fruit yield, especially in mango …   Wikipedia

  • spongy parenchyma — noun Date: 1884 a spongy layer of irregular chlorophyll bearing cells interspersed with air spaces that fills the interior part of a leaf below the palisade layer called also spongy layer, spongy tissue …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • spongy parenchyma — Tissue usually found in the lower part of the leaf mesophyll. Consists of irregularly shaped, photosynthetic parenchyma cells, separated by large air spaces …   Dictionary of molecular biology

  • spongy parenchyma — noun : loosely and irregularly arranged parenchyma having numerous intercellular spaces found toward the lower surface within many leaves and consisting of irregular, lobed, or stellate cells compare palisade parenchyma * * * Bot. the lower layer …   Useful english dictionary

  • Tissue — A tissue in medicine is not like a piece of tissue paper. It is a broad term that is applied to any group of cells that perform specific functions. A tissue in medicine need not form a layer. Thus, The bone marrow is a tissue; Connective tissue… …   Medical dictionary

  • spongy parenchyma — Bot. the lower layer of the ground tissue of a leaf, characteristically containing irregularly shaped cells with relatively few chloroplasts and large intercellular spaces. Also called spongy mesophyll. [1880 85] * * * …   Universalium

  • Osseous tissue — Cross section of a long bone showing both spongy and compact osseous tissue Osseous tissue, or bone tissue, is the major structural and supportive connective tissue of the body. Osseous tissue forms the rigid part of the bone organs that make up… …   Wikipedia

  • cancellous tissue — the loose spongy tissue of the interior and articular ends of bone …   Medical dictionary

  • cavernous tissue — spongy white tissue embedded in the skin near the anus in most, and near the anal fin in some, Cetomimidae …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • Vascular tissue — This is an article about vascular tissue in plants. For transport in animals, see Circulatory system. Vascular tissue is a complex tissue found in vascular plants, meaning that it is composed of more than one cell type. The primary components of… …   Wikipedia

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