noun see self-contained

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • self-contained — self containedly /self keuhn tay nid lee, self /, adv. self containedness, n. /self keuhn taynd , self /, adj. 1. containing in oneself or itself all that is necessary; independent. 2. reserved or uncommunicative. 3. self controlled or self… …   Universalium

  • self-contained — adjective Date: 1591 1. a. complete in itself ; independent < a self contained machine > < a self contained program of study > b. built in < a lectern with a self contained light fixture > 2 …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • autobiography —    While critiques of intentionalism and representationalism may have pointed to the impossibility of unmediated self expression, autobiography has proved a resilient genre in recent years, even emerging on the cutting edge of critical theory.… …   Encyclopedia of contemporary British culture

  • 十真如 — 修唯識行的菩薩, 在十地中修十種勝行(十波羅蜜), 斷十重障, 而後證得十種真如。 十真如是: 一、 遍行真如: 此真如為我法二空所顯, 萬法中無所不在, 故名遍行。 二、 最勝真如: 此真如具足無邊功德, 於一切法中最勝, 故名最勝。 三、 勝流真如: 此真如所流之教法極為殊勝, 故名勝流。 四、 無攝受真如: 此真如無所繫縛, 非我執等之所依取, 故名無攝受。 五、 無類別真如: 此真如無類別, 非如眼等之有異類, 故名無類別。 六、 無染淨真如: 此真如本性無染, 故名無染淨。… …   Dictionary of Buddhist terms

  • reticence — n reserve, taciturnity, quietness, silence, muteness, speechlessness; self containedness, stand offishness, uncommunicativeness, unconversableness, unsociability, unsociableness; diffidence, shyness, bashfulness; restraint, unobtrusiveness,… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

  • wholeness — n 1. completeness, totality, allness, entirety, entireness; comprehensiveness, universality, Rare. omnitude, inclusiveness; integrity, integrality, fullness, plenitude; undividedness, indivisibility; thoroughness, utterness, absoluteness;… …   A Note on the Style of the synonym finder

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