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New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Rejuvenescent — Re*ju ve*nes cent ( sent), a. Becoming, or causing to become, rejuvenated; rejuvenating. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • rejuvenescent — /rədʒuvəˈnɛsənt/ (say ruhjoohvuh nesuhnt) adjective 1. becoming young again. 2. making young again; rejuvenating. {Late Latin rejuvenescent , stem of present participle of rejuvenescere} –rejuvenescence, noun …   Australian English dictionary

  • rejuvenescent — rejuvenescence, n. /ri jooh veuh nes euhnt/, adj. 1. becoming young again. 2. making young again; rejuvenating. [1755 65; < ML rejuvenesc(ere) to become young again (L re RE + juven(is) YOUNG + esc inceptive suffix + ere inf. suffix) + ENT] * * * …   Universalium

  • rejuvenescent — rɪ dÊ’uːvÉ™nesnt adj. making young again, restoring youth; becoming young again …   English contemporary dictionary

  • rejuvenescent — re·ju·ve·nes·cent …   English syllables

  • rejuvenescent — rə̇|jüvə|nesənt, (|)rē|j adjective Etymology: rejuvenescence + ent : becoming or causing to become rejuvenated : becoming youthful again : growing young : rejuvenating …   Useful english dictionary

  • rejuvenescence — noun Etymology: Medieval Latin rejuvenescere to become young again, from Latin re + juvenescere to become young, from juvenis Date: circa 1631 a renewal of youthfulness or vigor ; rejuvenation • rejuvenescent adjective …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • rejuvenescence — [ri jo͞o΄və nes′əns] n. 〚< L re , again < juvenescens, prp. of juvenescere, to become young < juvenis,YOUNG〛 renewal of youthfulness rejuvenescent adj. * * * re·ju·ve·nes·cence (rĭ jo͞o və nĕsʹəns) n. A renewal of youthful appearance or character …   Universalium

  • rejuvenescence — noun A renewal of youthful characteristics or vitality See Also: rejuvenescent …   Wiktionary

  • rejuvenescence — [rɪˌdʒu:və nɛsəns] noun 1》 the renewal of youth or vitality. 2》 Biology the reactivation of vegetative cells, resulting in regrowth from old or injured parts. Derivatives rejuvenescent adjective Origin C17: from late L. rejuvenescere (from L. re… …   English new terms dictionary

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