noun see ransom II

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • Ransomer — Ran som*er ( [ e]r), n. One who ransoms or redeems. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • ransomer — See ransom. * * * …   Universalium

  • ransomer — noun A person who pays a ransom …   Wiktionary

  • ransomer — n. releaser, liberator; one who pays money for the release of a prisoner …   English contemporary dictionary

  • ransomer — ran·som·er …   English syllables

  • ransomer — mə(r) noun ( s) : one that ransoms or redeems; specifically : a hostage for the ransom of a captured vessel under a ransom bill …   Useful english dictionary

  • ransom — ransomer, n. /ran seuhm/, n. 1. the redemption of a prisoner, slave, or kidnapped person, of captured goods, etc., for a price. 2. the sum or price paid or demanded. 3. a means of deliverance or rescue from punishment for sin, esp. the payment of …   Universalium

  • Peter Nolasco — Saint Pedro Nolasco St. Peter Nolasco as found in the Generalate of the Mercedarian Order Confessor Born 1189 Mas des Saintes Puelles, Languedoc, France Died …   Wikipedia

  • λυτρωτά — λυτρωτά̱ , λυτρωτής ransomer masc nom/voc/acc dual λυτρωτής ransomer masc voc sg λυτρωτής ransomer masc nom sg (epic) λυτρωτός redeemable neut nom/voc/acc pl λυτρωτά̱ , λυτρωτός redeemable fem nom/voc/acc dual λυτρωτά̱ , λυτρωτός redeemable fem… …   Greek morphological index (Ελληνική μορφολογικούς δείκτες)

  • λυτρωτάς — λυτρωτά̱ς , λυτρωτής ransomer masc acc pl λυτρωτά̱ς , λυτρωτής ransomer masc nom sg (epic doric aeolic) λυτρωτά̱ς , λυτρωτός redeemable fem acc pl …   Greek morphological index (Ελληνική μορφολογικούς δείκτες)

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