adjective see protoplanet

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  • protoplanetary — adjective Of or pertaining to a protoplanet …   Wiktionary

  • protoplanetary — adj. pertaining to a protoplanet (cloud of cosmic gas that is condensing to form a planet) …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Protoplanetary disk — A protoplanetary disk (or proplyd) is a rotating circumstellar disk of dense gas surrounding a young newly formed star, a T Tauri star or Herbig star. The protoplanetary disk may be considered an accretion disk because gaseous material may be… …   Wikipedia

  • Protoplanetary nebula — A protoplanetary nebula or preplanetary nebula Harv|Sahai|Sánchez Contreras|Morris|2005 (PPN) is an astronomical object which is at the short lived episode during a star s rapid stellar evolution between the late asymptotic giant branch (LAGB)Ref …   Wikipedia

  • Protoplanetary disc — …   Википедия

  • protoplanetary nebula — noun A stage in stellar evolution when a star starts to shed its outer layers before coming a true planetary nebula. Syn: preplanetary nebula …   Wiktionary

  • protoplanetary disc — noun an accretion disc surrounding a T Tauri star; thought to be the progenitor of a planetary system Syn: proplyd …   Wiktionary

  • List of protoplanetary nebulae — ee also* List of planetary nebulae * Nebula * Protoplanetary nebula * …   Wikipedia

  • Frosty Leo Nebula — Protoplanetary nebula caption= 2003 Hubble Advanced Camera for Surveys HRC name = Frosty Leo Nebula epoch = J2000 ra = RA|09|39|53.96Harv|SIMBAD|2007] dec = DEC|+11|58|52.4 dist ly = 3.0 kly (920 pc)Harv|Davis|Smith|Gledhill|Varricatt|2005]… …   Wikipedia

  • Boomerang Nebula — Protoplanetary nebula caption=The Boomerang Nebula. Credit: NASA/ESA name = Boomerang Nebula epoch = J2000 ra = RA|12|44|45.45Harvard reference | Surname1 = SIMBAD | Title = Results for Boomerang Nebula | Authorlink = SIMBAD | Journal = | Year =… …   Wikipedia

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