noun see parameterize

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • parameterization — See parameterize. * * * …   Universalium

  • parameterization — noun The representation of physical effects by simplified parameters in a computer model rather than by computing them dynamically …   Wiktionary

  • parameterization — pa·ram·e·ter·iza·tion …   English syllables

  • parameterization — noun see parameterize …   Useful english dictionary

  • Mesh parameterization — Given two surfaces with the same topology, a bijective mapping between them exists. On triangular mesh surfaces, the problem of computing this mapping is called mesh parameterization. The parameter domain is the surface that the mesh is mapped… …   Wikipedia

  • Semantic parameterization — is a conceptual modeling process developed by Travis Breaux for expressing natural language descriptions of a domain in first order predicate logic. [T.D. Breaux, A.I. Anton, J. Doyle, Semantic parameterization: a process for modeling domain… …   Wikipedia

  • Weierstrass–Enneper parameterization — In mathematics, the Weierstrass–Enneper parameterization of minimal surfaces is a classical piece of differential geometry.Alfred Enneper and Karl Weierstrass studied minimal surfaces as far back as 1863.Let fnof; and g be functions on either the …   Wikipedia

  • Parametrization (climate) — Parameterization in a weather or climate model within numerical weather prediction refers to the method of replacing processes that are too small scale or complex to be physically represented in the model by a simplified process. This can be… …   Wikipedia

  • Parametrization — Parameterization (or parametrization; parameterisation in British English) is the process of defining or deciding the parameters usually of some model that are salient to the question being asked of that model. Context dependent meaning If, for… …   Wikipedia

  • parameterize — parameterization, n. /peuh ram i teuh ruyz /, v.t., parameterized, parameterizing. to describe (a phenomenon, problem, curve, surface, etc.) by the use of parameters. Also, parametrize; esp. Brit., parameterise. [1935 40; PARAMETER + IZE] * * * …   Universalium

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