option play
noun see option I

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • option play — noun : a football play (as an optional pass) in which an offensive player reacts to the situation rather than according to a predetermined pattern …   Useful english dictionary

  • Halfback option play — The halfback option play is an unorthodox play in American football. It resembles a normal running play, but the running back has the option to throw a pass to a wide receiver or tight end before crossing the line of scrimmage.The key to the play …   Wikipedia

  • Option offense — Morris Knolls High school running an option offense The option offense is a generic term that is used to describe a wide variety of offensive systems in American football. Option offenses are characterized as such due to the predominance of… …   Wikipedia

  • Option run — The option run or option is a designed play in American football and Canadian football. In the simplest version of this play, the quarterback receives the ball and runs either to the right or left, accompanied by an additional offensive player… …   Wikipedia

  • option — I. noun Etymology: French, from Latin option , optio free choice; akin to Latin optare to choose Date: 1593 1. an act of choosing 2. a. the power or right to choose ; freedom of choice b. a privilege of demanding fulfillment of a contract on any… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Option (music magazine) — Option Issue #69, July/August 1996. Executive editor Scott Becker Categories Music magazine Frequency Bimonthly …   Wikipedia

  • Option — may refer to Contents 1 Legal rights 2 Sport 3 Computing 4 Publications 5 History …   Wikipedia

  • option — [äp′shən] n. [Fr < L optio < optare, to wish, desire, ult. < IE * op , to choose, prefer] 1. the act of choosing; choice 2. the power, right, or liberty of choosing 3. a) something that is or can be chosen; choice b) an optional item… …   English World dictionary

  • option — (n.) c.1600, action of choosing, from Fr. option, from L. optionem (nom. optio) choice, free choice, related to optare to desire, choose, from PIE root *op to choose, prefer. Meaning thing that may be chosen is attested from 1885. Commercial… …   Etymology dictionary

  • Option (filmmaking) — Optioned redirects here. For uses of this term outside the film industry, see Option (disambiguation). In the film industry, an option is a contractual agreement between a potential film producer, such as a movie studio, a production company or… …   Wikipedia

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