adverb see ohm

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • ohmically — ohmˈically adverb • • • Main Entry: ↑ohm …   Useful english dictionary

  • ohm — noun Etymology: Georg Simon Ohm Date: 1867 the practical meter kilogram second unit of electric resistance equal to the resistance of a circuit in which a potential difference of one volt produces a current of one ampere • ohmic adjective •… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Tokamak — A tokamak is a machine producing a toroidal magnetic field for confining a plasma. It is one of several types of magnetic confinement devices, and it is one of the most researched candidates for producing controlled thermonuclear fusion power.… …   Wikipedia

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  • ohm — noun the SI unit of electrical resistance, transmitting a current of one ampere when subjected to a potential difference of one volt. (Symbol: Ω) Derivatives ohmic adjective ohmically adverb Origin C19: named after the German physicist G. S. Ohm …   English new terms dictionary

  • омически нагреваемая плазма — — [А.С.Гольдберг. Англо русский энергетический словарь. 2006 г.] Тематики энергетика в целом EN ohmically heated plasma …   Справочник технического переводчика

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