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  • neutrinoless — adjective That does not contain or involve neutrinos …   Wiktionary

  • Double beta decay — is a radioactive decay process where a nucleus releases two beta rays as a single process. In double beta decay, two neutrons in the nucleus are converted to protons, and two electrons and two electron antineutrinos are emitted. In the process of …   Wikipedia

  • Neutrino Ettore Majorana Observatory — Not to be confused with the Neutrino Mediterranean Observatory, which is also abbreviated NEMO. For other uses, see Nemo (disambiguation). The Neutrino Ettore Majorana Observatory (NEMO experiment) is an international collaboration of scientists… …   Wikipedia

  • Enriched Xenon Observatory — The Enriched Xenon Observatory (EXO) is a particle physics experiment searching for double beta decay of Xenon 136. The experiment uses a large amount of xenon, isotopically enriched in xenon 136. This isotope is theorized to undergo ordinary… …   Wikipedia

  • Neutrino — For other uses, see Neutrino (disambiguation). Neutrino/Antineutrino The first use of a hydrogen bubble chamber to detect neutrinos, on November 13, 1970. A neutrino hit a proton in a hydrogen atom. The collision occurred at the point where three …   Wikipedia

  • SNO+ — is an underground physics experiment under construction (as of February 2008) that makes use of the equipment already installed underground for the (no longer operating) Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (SNO) experiment at SNOLAB. The main physics… …   Wikipedia

  • Majoron — Composition Elementary particle Statistics Bosonic Status Hypothetical Symbol J Theorized Y. Chikashige, R. N. Mohapatra, and R. D. Peccei Mass …   Wikipedia

  • Antineutrino — Infobox Particle bgcolour = name = Antineutrino caption = num types = 3 electron, muon and tau composition = Elementary particle family = Fermion group = Lepton, Anti Lepton generation = interaction = weak force and gravity particle =… …   Wikipedia

  • Double electron capture — is a decay mode of atomic nucleus. For a nuclide (A, Z) with number of nucleons A and atomic number Z, double electron capture is only possible if the mass of the nuclide of (A, Z 2) is lower. In this mode of decay, two of the orbital electrons… …   Wikipedia

  • МАЙОРОН — (символ М°) гипотетич. нейтральная, псевдоскалярная (со спином О и отрнцат. внутр. чётностью) частица с нулевой массой, преим. взаимодействующая с нейтрино майорановского типа. M. был введён в теорию в 1980 в работе [1] как голдстоуновский… …   Физическая энциклопедия

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