adjective see mycorrhiza

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  • Mycorrhizal network — Ectomycorrhizal hyphae extend out from one plant s roots they often encounter the root systems of other plants. If those plants also associate with ectomycorrhizal fungi, the hyphae will often grow around the root and create a new mycorrhizal… …   Wikipedia

  • Nitrogen nutrition in the arbuscular mycorrhizal system — Contents 1 Role of nitrogen 1.1 Mechanism of action 1.2 Community and ecology 1.3 Alternate theories …   Wikipedia

  • arbuscular mycorrhizal — (AM) fungi The mycorrhizal fungi in a symbiotic fungus root association that penetrate the outer layer of the root, grow intracellularly, and form characteristic much branched hyphal structures called arbuscules …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • mycorrhiza — mycorrhizal, mycorhizal, adj. /muy keuh ruy zeuh/, n., pl. mycorrhizae / zee/, mycorrhizas. Plant Pathol. a symbiotic association of the mycelium of a fungus, esp. a basidiomycete, with the roots of certain plants, in which the hyphae form a… …   Universalium

  • Arbuscular mycorrhiza — An arbuscular mycorrhiza (plural mycorrhizae or mycorrhizas) is a type of mycorrhiza in which the fungus penetrates the cortical cells of the roots of a vascular plant.Arbuscular mycorrhizae (AMs) are characterized by the formation of unique… …   Wikipedia

  • Mycorrhiza — This mycorrhiza includes a fungus in the genus Amanita A mycorrhiza (Gk. μυκός, mykós, fungus and ριζα, riza, roots ,[1] pl mycorrhizae, mycorrhizas) is a symbiotic (generally mutualistic …   Wikipedia

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