maître d'hôtel butter
noun see maître d'hôtel

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • maître d'hôtel — noun (plural maîtres d hôtel) Etymology: French, literally, master of house Date: 1538 1. a. majordomo b. headwaiter 2. a sauce of butter, parsley, salt, pepper, and lemon juice called also maître d hôtel butter …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • maître d'hôtel — [me tr dō̂ tel′] n. [Fr, lit., master of the house] 1. a butler or steward; major domo 2. a hotel manager 3. a headwaiter 4. with a sauce of melted butter, parsley, and lemon juice or vinegar …   English World dictionary

  • maître d’hôtel —    (MEH treu doh TEL) [French: master of the hotel] Currently, a headwaiter; also, a steward, butler, or the manager or owner of a hotel. In cooking, sauce maître d’hôtel consists of melted butter, lemon juice, or vinegar and parsley.    who… …   Dictionary of foreign words and phrases

  • maître d'hôtel — /may teuhr doh tel , may treuh/; Fr. /me trddeu doh tel /, pl. maîtres d hôtel /may teuhrz doh tel , may treuhz/; Fr. /me trddeu doh tel /. 1. a headwaiter. 2. a steward or butler. 3. the owner or manager of a hotel. 4. Cookery. a sauce of melted …   Universalium

  • maître d'hôtel — /meɪtrə doʊˈtɛl/ (say maytruh doh tel) noun 1. a steward or butler. 2. a head waiter. 3. (of foods) with a sauce of melted butter, minced parsley, and lemon juice or vinegar. {French: master of a house} …   Australian English dictionary

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  • maî|tre d'hô|tel — «MEH truh doh TEHL», plural maî|tres d hôtel «MEH truhz doh TEHL». 1. a headwaiter. 2. a butler or steward; major domo. 3. a hotel manager: »The attentive maître d hôtel flew past us and threw open the door of a splendid apartment (R. H. Savage) …   Useful english dictionary

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