noun see inundate

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • inundator — See inundation. * * * …   Universalium

  • inundator — in·un·da·tor …   English syllables

  • inundator — pronunc at inundate+ə(r) noun ( s) : one that inundates …   Useful english dictionary

  • inundate — transitive verb ( dated; dating) Etymology: Latin inundatus, past participle of inundare, from in + unda wave more at water Date: 1590 1. to cover with a flood ; overflow 2. overwhelm < was inundated with phone calls > • …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • inundate — inundation, n. inundator, n. inundatory /in un deuh tawr ee, tohr ee/, adj. /in euhn dayt , un , in un dayt/, v.t., inundated, inundating. 1. to flood; cover or overspread with water; deluge. 2. to overwhelm: inundated with letters of protest.… …   Universalium

  • inundate — /ˈɪnʌndeɪt / (say inundayt) verb (t) (inundated, inundating) 1. to overspread with a flood; overflow; flood; deluge. 2. to overspread as with or in a flood; overwhelm. {Latin inundātus, past participle, overflowed} –inundation /ɪnʌnˈdeɪʃən/ (say… …   Australian English dictionary

  • inundate — [in′ən dāt΄] vt. inundated, inundating [< L inundatus, pp. of inundare, to overflow < in , in, on + undare, to move in waves, flood < unda, a wave: see WATER] 1. to cover or engulf with a flood; deluge 2. to overwhelm with a rush or… …   English World dictionary

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