noun see incomparable

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • incomparability — (n.) c.1500, from INCOMPARABLE (Cf. incomparable) + ITY (Cf. ity) …   Etymology dictionary

  • incomparability — See incomparable. * * * …   Universalium

  • incomparability — noun a) The condition of being incomparable b) The extent to which something is incomparable …   Wiktionary

  • incomparability — n. inability to be compared, dissimilarity; quality of being matchless or unrivaled …   English contemporary dictionary

  • incomparability — in·comparability …   English syllables

  • incomparability — (|)in, ən+ noun : the quality or state of being incomparable …   Useful english dictionary

  • incomparable — incomparability, incomparableness, n. incomparably, adv. /in kom peuhr euh beuhl, preuh beuhl/, adj. 1. beyond comparison; matchless or unequaled: incomparable beauty. 2. not comparable; incapable of being compared to each other, as two unlike… …   Universalium

  • Going up and going down — In commutative algebra, a branch of mathematics, going up and going down are terms which refer to certain properties of chains of prime ideals in integral extensions. The phrase going up refers to the case when a chain can be extended by upward… …   Wikipedia

  • Dilworth's theorem — In mathematics, in the areas of order theory and combinatorics, Dilworth s theorem characterizes the width of any finite partially ordered set in terms of a partition of the order into a minimum number of chains. It is named for the mathematician …   Wikipedia

  • Comparability — See also: Comparison In mathematics, any two elements x and y of a set P that is partially ordered by a binary relation ≤ are comparable when either x ≤ y or y ≤ x. If it is not the case that x and y are comparable, then they are called… …   Wikipedia

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