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New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • fruitily — adverb In a fruity way …   Wiktionary

  • National Foods Limited — Not to be confused with the Australian company National Foods National Foods Limited is a Pakistani company founded in 1970 which started out as a Spice company. In 1988, National Foods became the certified vendor of McCormick, USA. In the same… …   Wikipedia

  • fruity — adjective (fruitier; est) Date: 1657 1. a. relating to, made with, or resembling fruit b. having the flavor or aroma of ripe fruit 2. a. extremely effective, interesting, or enjoyable b. sweet or sentimental especially to excess c. of a voice… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • fruity — adjective (fruitier, fruitiest) 1》 resembling or containing fruit. 2》 (of a voice) mellow, deep, and rich.     ↘Brit. informal sexually suggestive. 3》 informal, chiefly US eccentric or crazy. 4》 N. Amer. informal, derogatory relating to or… …   English new terms dictionary

  • fruity — [fro͞ot′ē] adj. fruitier, fruitiest 1. a) like fruit in taste or smell b) suggesting the flavor or aroma of ripe fruit: said of wine 2. rich or mellow in tone, esp. excessively so [a fruity voice] 3. rich in interest; spicy; juicy …   English World dictionary

  • fruity — adj. (fruitier, fruitiest) 1 a of fruit. b tasting or smelling like fruit, esp. (of wine) tasting of the grape. 2 (of a voice etc.) of full rich quality. 3 colloq. full of rough humour or (usu. scandalous) interest; suggestive. Derivatives:… …   Useful english dictionary

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