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New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • epimeric — |epə|merik adjective Etymology: epimer + ic : having the relationship of an epimer or epimers 3 α coprosterol is epimeric with 3 β coprosterol * * * epimeric / merˈik/ adjective Having the characteristics or relationship of epimers • • • Main… …   Useful english dictionary

  • epimeric — adjective Of or pertaining to an epimer …   Wiktionary

  • epimeric — adj. (Chemistry) pertaining to epimers, pertaining to aldose stereoisomers with different arrangements of the hydrogen group and the hydroxyl group in the last asymmetric carbon atom of the chain …   English contemporary dictionary

  • epimeric — ep·i·mer·ic …   English syllables

  • epimeric muscle — a muscle derived from an epimere and innervated by a posterior ramus of a spinal nerve …   Medical dictionary

  • epimer — epimeric /ep euh mer ik/, adj. /ep euh meuhr/, n. Chem. either of a pair of isomeric aldose compounds, esp. of certain sugars, that differ from each other in the positions of the H and OH at the second atom from the end of the carbon chain, as d… …   Universalium

  • allose — C6H12O6; an aldohexose. d A. is epimeric with d glucose. * * * al·lose al .ōs n a synthetic sugar C6H12O6 stereoisomeric with glucose and epimeric with altrose * * * al·lose (alґōs) an aldohexose epimeric with glucose at carbon 3 …   Medical dictionary

  • altrose — An aldohexose isomeric with glucose, tallose, allose, etc. d A. is epimeric with d mannose. * * * al·trose al .trōs, .trōz n a synthetic syrupy sugar C6H12O6 stereoisomeric with glucose and epimeric with allose * * * al·trose (alґtrōs) an… …   Medical dictionary

  • idose — One of the aldohexoses, isomeric with galactose; l i. is epimeric with d glucose. See sugar. * * * idose īd .ōs, id also .ōz n a sugar C6H12O6 epimeric with gulose and obtainable along with gulose by synthesis from xylose * * * (iґdōs) an… …   Medical dictionary

  • lyxose — An aldopentose; d l. is epimeric with both d arabinose and d xylose; l l. is epimeric with d ribose. * * * lyx·ose lik .sōs, .sōz n a crystalline aldose sugar C5H10O5 that is the epimer of xylose * * * lyx·ose (likґsōs) an aldopentose… …   Medical dictionary

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