adverb see electrocardiograph

New Collegiate Dictionary. 2001.

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  • electrocardiographically — adverb see electrocardiograph …   Useful english dictionary

  • electrocardiograph — noun Date: 1913 an instrument for recording the changes of electrical potential occurring during the heartbeat used especially in diagnosing abnormalities of heart action • electrocardiographic adjective • electrocardiographically adverb •… …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Wandering pacemaker — Infobox Disease Name = PAGENAME Caption = DiseasesDB = ICD10 = ICD9 = ICD9|427.89 ICDO = OMIM = MedlinePlus = eMedicineSubj = eMedicineTopic = MeshID = In cardiology, a wandering pacemaker is an atrial arrhythmia that occurs when the natural… …   Wikipedia

  • electrocardiograph — electrocardiographic /i lek troh kahr dee euh graf ik/, adj. electrocardiographically, adv. electrocardiography /i lek troh kahr dee og reuh fee/, n. /i lek troh kahr dee euh graf , grahf /, n. Med. a galvanometric device that detects and records …   Universalium

  • Flutter — is a rapid vibration or pulsation. The difference between flutter and fibrillation is that flutter is well organized while fibrillation is not. For example, atrial flutter consists of well organized but over rapid contractions of the atrium of… …   Medical dictionary

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  • echo — 1. A reverberating sound sometimes heard during auscultation of the chest. 2. In ultrasonography, the acoustic signal received from scattering or reflecting structures or the corresponding pattern of light on a CRT or ultrasonogram. 3. In… …   Medical dictionary

  • syndrome — The aggregate of symptoms and signs associated with any morbid process, and constituting together the picture of the disease. SEE ALSO: disease. [G. s., a running together, tumultuous concourse; (in med.) a concurrence of symptoms, fr. syn,… …   Medical dictionary

  • atrial premature complex — (APC) a single ectopic atrial beat arising prematurely, manifest electrocardiographically as an abnormally shaped premature P wave, usually with a slightly increased PR interval. It occurs in normal hearts, sometimes associated with the use of… …   Medical dictionary

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