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  • dysphemistic — adjective substitute a harsher or distasteful term for a mild one nigger is a dysphemistic term for African American • Syn: ↑offensive • Ant: ↑euphemistic • Derivationally related forms: ↑offensiveness (f …   Useful english dictionary

  • dysphemistic — adjective Of, pertaining to, or being a dysphemism …   Wiktionary

  • dysphemism — dysphemistic, adj. /dis feuh miz euhm/, n. 1. the substitution of a harsh, disparaging, or unpleasant expression for a more neutral one. 2. an expression so substituted. [1880 85; DYS + (EU)PHEMISM] Ant. euphemism. * * * …   Universalium

  • History of the word 'fuck' — In the modern English speaking world, the word fuck is often considered highly offensive. Most English speaking countries censor it on television and radio. A study of the attitudes of the British public found that fuck was considered the third… …   Wikipedia

  • Fuck — This article is about the profanity. For other uses, see Fuck (disambiguation). Fuck is an English word that is generally considered obscene which, in its most literal meaning, refers to the act of sexual intercourse. By extension it may be used… …   Wikipedia

  • EUPHEMISM AND DYSPHEMISM — Euphemism Euphemism is the substitution of an agreeable or inoffensive word or term for one that is indelicate, blasphemous, or taboo. Various types of euphemisms are found in the Bible, including (1) avoidance of direct implication of the… …   Encyclopedia of Judaism

  • dysphemism — noun Etymology: dys + phemism (as in euphemism) Date: 1884 the substitution of a disagreeable, offensive, or disparaging expression for an agreeable or inoffensive one; also an expression so substituted • dysphemistic adje …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Euphemism — A euphemism is a substitution of an agreeable or less offensive expression in place of one that may offend or suggest something unpleasant to the listener, [ [http://www.merriam webster.com/dictionary/Euphemism Euphemism] Webster s Online… …   Wikipedia

  • Fallacy — In logic and rhetoric, a fallacy is usually incorrect argumentation in reasoning resulting in a misconception or presumption. By accident or design, fallacies may exploit emotional triggers in the listener or interlocutor (appeal to emotion), or… …   Wikipedia

  • Snail mail — or smail (from snail + mail) is a dysphemistic retronym named after the snail with its slow speed used to refer to letters and missives carried by conventional postal delivery services. The phrase refers to the lag time between dispatch of a… …   Wikipedia

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