maximum take-off weight

maximum take-off weight
The maximum gross weight due to design or operational limitations at which an aircraft is permitted to take off.

Military dictionary. 2000.

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  • Maximum Take Off Weight — Das Höchstabfluggewicht (engl. maximum take off weight, MTOW) ist das maximale Startgewicht eines Flugzeugs. Dies ist das Gewicht, mit dem das Flugzeug abheben kann, ohne die vorgeschriebenen Sicherheitsreserven zu verletzen. Das maximale… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

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  • maximum take off weight — highest weight level that is allowed in order for a plane to take off safely …   English contemporary dictionary

  • Take-off — rsp. Takeoff (englisch: take off, take off oder takeoff) bezeichnet: das Abheben eines Luftfahrzeuges, siehe Start (Luftfahrt) Take off Modell, ein Modell in der Entwicklungstheorie, siehe The Stages of Economic Growth: A Noncommunist Manifesto… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Assisted take off — is any system for helping aircraft into the air (as opposed to strictly under its own power). The reason it might be needed is due to the aircraft s weight exceeding the normal maximum take off weight, insufficient power, or the available runway… …   Wikipedia

  • Maximum Ramp Weight — The Maximum Ramp Weight (MRW) (also known as the Maximum Taxi Weight (MTW)) is the maximum weight authorised for manoeuvring (taxiing or towing) an aircraft on the ground as limited by aircraft strength and airworthiness requirements. It includes …   Wikipedia

  • Maximum Takeoff Weight — The Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) or Maximum Takeoff Mass of an aircraft is the maximum weight at which the pilot of the aircraft is allowed to attempt to take off, due to structural or other limits. The analogous term for rockets is Gross Lift… …   Wikipedia

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