counterintelligence operations

counterintelligence operations
Proactive activities designed to identify, exploit, neutralize, or deter foreign intelligence collection and terrorist activities directed against the Department of Defense (DOD). Operations are conducted to: manipulate, disrupt, neutralize, and/or destroy the effectiveness of foreign intelligence activities; recruit or induce defection of foreign intelligence officers and personnel; collect threat information on foreign intelligence operations, modus operandi, intelligence requirements, targeting, objectives, personalities, communications, capabilities, limitations, and vulnerabilities; provide information and operations databases to support decision makers; provide counterintelligence (CI) support to clandestine human intelligence operations; identify post, ongoing, or planned espionage; support force protection, operations other than war, and peacekeeping; acquire foreign intelligence espionage equipment for analysis and countermeasures development; develop operational data, threat data, and espionage leads for future CI operations, investigations, and projects and develop the potential of these leads to enhance DOD security overall; and support specific Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, DOD, and national plans. See also counterintelligence; operation.

Military dictionary. 2000.

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