List of artificial intelligence projects

The following is a list of current and past notable artificial intelligence projects.

* [ a2i2 (Adaptive Artificial Intelligence Inc.)] , a private for profit venture to develop general artificial intelligence for research and commercial purposes.
* AIML, an XML dialect for creating natural language software agents.
* A.L.I.C.E., an award-winning natural language processing chatterbot.
* CALO, a DARPA-funded, 25-institution effort to integrate numerous artificial intelligence approaches (natural language processing, speech recognition, machine vision, probabilistic logic, planning, reasoning, numerous forms of machine learning) into an AI assistant that learns to help manage your office environment.
* Chinook, a computer program that plays English draughts; the first to win the world champion title in the competition against humans.
* Cog, a robot developed by MIT to study theories of cognitive science and artificial intelligence, now discontinued.
* Compishco []
* Cyc, an attempt to assemble an ontology and database of everyday knowledge, enabling human-like reasoning.
* Deep Blue, a chess-playing computer developed by IBM which beat Garry Kasparov in 1997.
* ELIZA, a famous 1966 computer program by Joseph Weizenbaum, which parodied person-centered psychotherapy.
* Eurisko, a language by Douglas Lenat for solving problems which consists of heuristics, including heuristics for how to use and change its heuristics.
* [ FreeHAL] is a self-learning conversation simulator (Chatbot) which uses semantic nets to organize its knowledge in order to imitate a very close human behavior within conversations.
* [ FRDCSA] , an attempt to package and integrate all FLOSS AI systems for Linux-based systems.
* [ Grand Challenge 5 – Architecture of Brain and Mind] is a UK attempt to understand and model natural intelligence at various levels of abstraction, demonstrating results in a succession of increasingly sophisticated working robots.
* Hierarchical Temporal Memory, a technology by Numenta to capture and replicate the properties of the neocortex.
* [ HNeT (Holographic Neural Technology)] , a technology by [ AND Corporation (Artificial Neural Devices)] based on non linear phase coherence/decoherence principles.
* [ I-X] , a systems integration architecture project for the creation of intelligent systems at AIAI, University of Edinburgh.
* [ InfoTame] , a text analysis search engine originally developed by the KGB for sorting communications intercepts.
* Jabberwacky, a chatterbot by Rollo Carpenter, aiming to simulate a natural human chat.
* Mycin, an early medical expert system.
* [ Novamente AI Engine] , an AI software system by Novamente with a long term focus of developing a general purpose artificial intelligence.
* [ OpenAIR] is a routing and communication protocol based on a publish-subscribe architecture, built especially for A.I. research.
* Open Mind Common Sense, a project based at the MIT Media Lab to build a large common sense knowledge base from online contributions.
* [ O-Plan] , a project to provide a modular and flexible planning and control system using AI, at AIAI, University of Edinburgh.
* PARRY, another early famous chatterbot, written in 1972 by Kenneth Colby, attempting to simulate a paranoid schizophrenic.
* [ Poki] , research into computer poker by the University of Alberta.
* [ Proverb] , a system that can solve crossword puzzles better than most humans.
* [ Questsin] , uses Query by Example and features a dictionary, knowledge base, repository, reference, and thesaurus.
* RapidMiner, an environment for machine learning and data mining, developed by the Dortmund University of Technology.
* [ Rose Project] , combines various learning techniques.
*SEAS (Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulations) is a model of the real world used by Homeland security and the US Defense Department that uses simulation and AI to predict and evaluate future events and courses of action. [ The Register] article "Sentient world: war games on the grandest scale" published June 23, 2007]
* SHIAI (Semi Human Instinctive Artificial Intelligence), an AI methodology based on the use of semi-human instincts, developed at Islamic Azad University in 2004.
* SHRDLU, an early natural language processing computer program developed by Terry Winograd at MIT from 1968 to 1970.
* START, the world's first web-based question answering system, developed at the MIT CSAIL.
* SYSTRAN, a machine translation technology by a company of the same name, used by Yahoo!, AltaVista and Google, among others.
* [ Texai] , an open source project to create artificial intelligence, starting with a bootstrap English dialog system that intelligently acquires knowledge and behaviors.
* [ TD-Gammon] , a program that learned to play world-class backgammon partly by playing against itself (temporal difference learning with neural networks)
* Virtual Woman, the oldest continuous form of virtual life — a chatterbot, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, video game, and virtual human.
* Weka, a free implementation of numerous machine learning algorithms in Java.

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* [ SourceForge AI projects]
* [ Early AI projects]


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