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Img_capt = Left to right: Abel Canizales, Marco Toro, Gregorio, Ronny Tuinman and Miguel Padron, July 07, 2008.
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Origin = Caracas,Guarenas-Venezuela, Amsterdam- Holland
Genre = Metalatino
Years_active = 1989 – present
Label = Mascot records, 4TUNE Records, Boombax Records, Djax Records
URL = []
Current_members =Abel Canizales Marco Toro Gregorio Ronny Tuinman Miguel Padron
Past_members =Ray Ceballos Pablo Minoli


Early days (1989–1991)


A powerful, energetic Metal Hardcore band is born, Raymundo Ceballos - vocals, Pablo Minoli - guitar, Richard Rodriguez - guitar, Ruben Sposito - bass, Marco Toro Bernal – drums. All of them are Venezuelans, except for Uruguayan Pablo Minoli. The band gains local popularity by performing at the most important venues.The sounds of the city of Caracas start oozing into their music. Buzzing in a local rehearsal studio, they can't resist the temptation to start fooling around with traditional instruments. This chemistry leads to a whole new mixture. Metalatino has come into existence!

Moving to Europe and Gregorio as the new bass player (1992–Present)


The band moved their home base to Europe leaving everything behind. They started traveling around Europe, and finally chose Amsterdam as the best city to continue their dreams.

1993:Although Amsterdam had the right vibes for Laberinto and improved their creativity notoriously, guitarist Richard decided to leave the band and go back to Venezuela. Later bass player Ruben made the same decision.Gregorio was living in Amsterdam at that time, and took the place of Ruben. The band has now only 4 members.

Miguel Padron joins the band as an extra percussionist

1994:The band managed to perform in the local venues, surprising the Amsterdam music scene with their revolutionary Metalatino sound.After an appearance on local television, they joined VIP Agency, who booked them in clubs around the country.Laberinto thought that adding an extra percussionist would seriously widen their creative scope. Miguel Padron is now the fifth member of Laberinto.

1995:Their first baby, the independent CD "LABERINTO", was released and the first international steps took the band to Italy, Hungary, Germany and Switzerland.Europe has been infected with their fusion of multi cultural percussion with high quality Hardcore Metal. Highlights are the ISLAND MUSIC FESTIVAL in Budapest, the WACKEN OPEN AIR Festival in Germany (where they created a powerful atmosphere for 10.000 surprised visitors), and an extensive tour around the Dutch club circuit, with an average of two shows a week.

1996:The band signed with Mascot Records. Their second CD, "PRIORITY", is released.TV specials (TMF / VPRO), Radio specials (100th Bad Grrl, together with Dub War and Channel Zero, live show), amazing press reviews in all leading Dutch and European music magazines, and a steady following took the band to an even higher level. Holland, Switzerland, Great Britain, Denmark and Belgium have met Laberinto.

1997:Laberinto had the privilege of opening the third day of the world famous DYNAMO OPEN AIR Festival in Eindhoven - Holland. Their sound was the reason why streams of hung-over youths got out of bed into the pouring rain on that legendary spring morning. They shared stage with famous bands like CRADLE OF FILTH, TESTAMENT, MARILYN MANSON, HELMET, TIAMAT, LIMP BIZKIT, KORN, MACHINE HEAD, SICK OF IT ALL and EXODUS.They featured on WDR ROCKPALAST, a festival that is broadcasted on and organized by the leading German TV station WDR. They shared stage with artist like THE OFFSPRING and H-BLOCK.At THE BOREC TRINEC FESTIVAL in the Czech Republic they won over 20.000 people to their revolutionary sound.Like a virus, the spreading of the Laberinto groove cannot be stopped. Not even the terrible accident that happened to guitar player Pablo Minoli on the 24th of May could do anything to prevent Laberinto from keeping going on. Venezuelan guitar player LORENZO NESTA replaces him for two months while he is in the hospital.Pablo returned from the hospital for a legendary show at the yearly BIZARRE FESTIVAL during POPKOMM in Köln - Germany, where Laberinto shared the stage with bands like FAITH NO MORE, SKUNK ANANSIE, RAMMSTEIN, FOO FIGHTHER and INCUBUS. The Amsterdam audience gave Pablo a warm welcome back a little later at a smashing show in THE SCAPE Theatre as Laberinto joined the yearly Amsterdam UITMARKT (opening festival of the Amsterdam cultural season).Marco Toro got an endorsement by REMO Drums and Percussion.

1998:"FREAKEAO" is released in April and is baptized in front of an enthusiastic Amsterdam crowd at the Escape Theatre. The band did a fantastic job together with producer Sander Jansen, the new baby sounds even better than Priority. International press is very impressed by the new album.After an intense Dutch tour in The Dutch A clubs (supported by outstanding Dutch band "Frozen Sun"), they went on tour to new European territories very successfully. Highlights are their first show in Spain on the ALEN GALICIA Festival, they shared stage with JUNKIE XL, MOONSPELL and NAPALM DEATH, and also a great festival in the French MULHOUSE, where the show was recorded and broadcasted live on Internet. But it's not over yet. Their passionate and very contagious sound keeps growing.

1999:The guys took a long holiday with their families in Venezuela. National TV made a Laberinto special.Back in Holland they spent most of their time working on new material. They went touring and played some more festivals.In April they released the website, complete with clips and songs.Laberinto performed at the METROPOLIS FESTIVAL in Rotterdam, visited by 10.000 people. The guys had a great time meeting bands from South America like TODOS TUS MUERTOS and LOS AMIGOS INVISIBLES, and other Latin bands like OZOMATLI.They played for the second time the TRICNEC FESTIVAL in the Czech Republic, this time as headliners. A huge crowd went insane again on the Metalatino rhythms. They shared stage with bands like KING DIAMOND and THE GATERING.In October they played at the prestigious festival "ROCK AL PARQUE" in Bogotá /Colombia, in front of 100.000 people.On their way back to Holland from Colombia, the guys stopped for a while in Caracas and appeared on TV program "EL GARAGE". They also gave a press conference at the Universidad Central de Venezuela.Marco Toro got an endorsement by ZILDJIAN Cymbals. Gregorio and Pablo got an endorsement by ARIA Bass and Guitars.

End of Mascot Record era

2000:In March they recorded a live album at a sold out concert at Amsterdam's famous concert hall MELKWEG. For the occasion, the band was extended with a horn section arranged and conducted by Venezuelan trombone player CHEO ROMERO (Desorden Público) and extra percussionists and keyboards. The album was released in October and became their last release with Mascot Records.The band worked on their new studio album, "ANOTHER STYLE", produced by the famous Attie Bauw (Scorpions, Rob Halford and The Gathering, among others). The album presentation was celebrated with a show in the Melkweg, supported by AGRESION from Venezuela and RATOS DE PORAO from Brazil.The guys got their residential permits for the Netherlands for their music trajectory and style!

2001:The Video Clip "NEIGHBOURHOOD" is released, featuring DEF P from Dutch rap act OSDORP POSSE.After several gigs in the Dutch circuit, the band had a successful tour playing at the most important venues in Switzerland and Austria. Highlights are the A2A Festival in Amsterdam and AUW MOK Festival in Sittard.

2002:The band released the video clip "ALI BOOMBOJAY".Laberinto started performing live shows around Europe on a project called “LABERINTO PLAYING SANTANA" (booked by DDA Agency), and featuring special guests MARCOS GOMEZ on the keys and ABEL CAÑIZALES on the guitar - who became Laberinto's official guitar player later on 2004.The 6 th of December LABERINTO celebrated their 10 th anniversary in The Netherlands with a concert called “DECADE IN HOLLAND” at Amsterdam's famous concert hall MELKWEG.

End of 4TUNE Records era

2003 :The band played at some summer festivals and prepared in the rehearsal room for the final recording session for their 6th album! The album will be released by the Dutch label BOOMBAX RECORDS. The official release will be at concert hall MELKWEG in Amsterdam.In November, after all the hard work, the album "DECADA" was released! On this album the Laberinto guys express all their experiences, adventures and memories for the last 10 years they have been outside their motherland. This production was made by Laberinto and co-produced by Lourenz Bood. It includes 2 tracks of the song DECADA: the Spanish version rapped by Gregorio, Marco and Ray, and the Dutch version rapped by Def P (Osdorp Posse), both tracks produced by Lorenzo Nesta and Jeff Hollie.

Later this year they hit the road, touring around the country performing winter season shows.

Abel Cañizales, the new guitar player

2004 :At the end of February Marco Toro and Gregorio go to Venezuela to promote “DECADA”. They appear on capital radio stations and on the TV program INTERACTIVO on PUMA TV (National cable TV).In the meantime, back in Amsterdam, Pablo Minoli, decided to leave the band for personal matters. Venezuelan guitar player ABEL CAÑIZALES (Stratus, Cronos, Radio Clip), who was already playing as a special guest with the guys on the project called Laberinto playing Santana, permanently replaced Pablo. His first performance was at the "Headway Festival" on April 4th, where Laberinto was closing the event together with American band “Watch Tower”.The new video clip "Come Closer" is released and is being broadcasted on TV program “ROCK ZONE” (MTV Europe).In May Laberinto started touring together with legendary Dutch rap act “OSDORP POSSE”, where Laberinto will be mixing up OP's songs with their peculiar Metalatino style at some summer festivals across Holland and Belgium (like big event “NJOY FESTIVAL” on the 12 th of June).The Laberinto – Osdorp Posse summer tour comes to an end on the 9 th of October with a full house concert at P60 in Amstelveen. Currently both bands are in serious discussions about the possibility of making an album together.

2006Laberinto played as special guests for Osdorp Posse's “15 th anniversary DVD box presentation” on February the 25 th at Melkweg, Amsterdam. After playing their own set they joined Osdorp Posse at the end of the evening for an amazing performance. This DVD box includes some great extracts of both bands working together. There is also an audio CD included in the box which contains three songs featuring Laberinto, meant as a preview for the Osdorp Posse – Laberinto album.

Ronni Tuinman, the new lead singer and new record level "DJAX Records"

2008The album "The World Might Suck" is the result of the new cooperation between Osdorp Posse and Laberinto. The plate appears in March under the dutch label Djax record. Beside the cd the album contains bonus-dvd the mi Arte: 15 Years or Labertino, with more than one hour history concerning Laberinto's career, complete videografie, live video recordings, tv-specials, photos and a interview with each members.

Raymundo Ceballos, has left the band in which he has been singing as one of the founding members since the band was formed in 1989. His place will be taken by the Dutch singer Ronny Tuinman with his great and powerful metal voice. His addition to the band is bringing the Venezuelan formation to a new level and may well bring some innovations in their music style. His first show was on June 7th at the Kaderock Festival in the Dutch city of Den Haag. Ronny made a great first impression and the crowd reacted with good vibes to the new front man of the metalatino band. LABERINTO is now planing its future with a new recording scheduled for the beginning of 2009. It will be their 8th album.

External links

* [ Official LABERINTO website]


Current members

*Ronny Tuinman – lead vocals (2008)
*Gregorio – bass, Backing vocals (1993–present)
*Abel Canizales – guitars, Backing vocals (2004–present)
*Marco Toro – Drums and Percussion (1989–present)
*Miguel Padron – Percussion, Backing vocals (1994–present)

Former members

*Raymundo Ceballos – drums (1989– end of 2007)
*Pablo Minoli – drums (1989–2004)


*1995: "LABERINTO"
*1996: "PRIORITY"
*1998: "FREAKEAO"
*2003: "DECADA"

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