Falcon's Eye (BBS door)

Falcon's Eye (BBS door)

Falcon's Eye or FE is a multi-player bulletin board system strategy game. The game was created by Mehul Patel, author of Barren Realms Elite, but is now owned by John Dailey Software.

Gameplay is similar to BRE in a different setting. In Falcon's Eye, a player controls a county within a mythical, medieval world. Players must develop their county's economy, employ their people, construct buildings, create a military and expand their lands.

Falcon's Eye has more variables than BRE. A player's county can belong to one of many races; workers can be employed in various types of jobs; different buildings may be built on a county's land; and various types of spells may be cast.

Players compete for the "Falcon's Eye," a glass eye from a famous sculpture of a falcon. It is awarded each day to the player with the highest score. The player who possesses the Eye gains several advantages over other players, though his population will become more demanding, which results in a lower approval rating.


Players are allowed to choose the race of their state. Humans are the "standard" race, but there are many other races to choose from, each having its advantages and disadvantages.

Races in Falcon's Eye include:
* Humans
**popular amongst all other empires
* Barbarians
**115% Combat effectiveness
**Armourers work at 80% efficiency
**Druids work at 70% efficiency
**Builders work at 75% efficiency
**Scientists work at 75% efficiency
**Wages 80% of normal
**-1 Total Spell Books
* Birdmen
* Centaurs
* Dwarves
**90% Combat effectiveness
**Builders work at 250% efficiency
**Druids work at 80% efficiency
**Alchemists work at 75% efficiency
**Blacksmiths work at 110% efficiency
* Elves
**110% Combat effectiveness
**Builders work at 50% efficiency
**Armourers work at 50% efficiency
**Druids work at 150% efficiency
**Alchemists work at 120% efficiency
**Wages 175% of normal
**+1 Spell book
* Faeries
* Ghosts
**Armorours work at 90% efficiency
**Builders work at 90% efficiency
**Scientists work at 90% efficiency
**Druids work at 120% efficiency
**Mages work at 150% efficiency
**-1 attack per year
**+1 Spell book
**+2 Spells per year
**No Life Spells
**House of Spirits building available
**Special Units
***Apparition 6 Swords 3 Shields
***Transparence 1 Swords 12 Shields
* Ghouls
* Goblins
* Halflings
* Mermaids
* Minotaurs
* Ogres
* Orcs
**Alchemists work at 85% efficiency
**Unpopular amongst all other empires
**Cannot have Non-Intervention Pacts
**-1 Spell book
**Cannot research Life Spells
* Puppets
* Sprites
* Trolls
**Druids work at 80% efficiency
**Alchemists work at 70% efficiency
**Builders work at 130% efficiency
* Wolves
* Zombies
**Druids work at 80% efficiency
**Mages work at 80% efficiency
**Builders work at 115% efficiency
**Farmers work at 115% efficiency
**+2 Attacks per year
**-1 Spell book
**No Life Spells
**All killed Peasants return as Skeletons
**Special Units
***Skeleton 1 Swords 1 Shields
***Deadwalker 4 Swords 7 Shields


The population of a county begins the game unemployed. Players can (and should) hire all of their unemployed workers to some job. Workers can be fired at any time, as well. As the game progresses, the population may grow (by birth or immigration), providing new workers to be hired. Population can also be captured from other counties through military or magical attacks.

Once hired, a worker begins with a low skill level, meaning their productivity will be lower. Over a period of time, their skill level at that job increases until it reaches a maximum.

Job types:

Farmers grow food for the county. While it is possible to rely on the market for food, it is generally cheaper to employ farmers. One farmer working at 100% productivity can produce 1 bushel of food per month.

Armourers produce weapons, the basic unit with which you can buy military forces. Weapons can be bought on the market for silver. One Armourer at 100% productivity will produce one unit of weapons per month.

Builders gather and prepare Stone Blocks, the unit with which structures in a county are built. Each Builder will, at 100% productivity, ready 1 Stone Block per month.

Alchemists are experts in changing metals into silver. Silver is the currency for a county and can be used to buy food or other resources. Each Alchemist can produce 100 Silver per month if working at 100% productivity.

Merchants travel throughout different counties, plying their trade and making profit (Silver). The more merchants employed in the nation, the less profit each will be able to earn, so there is no set value for the production capabilities of a single merchant.

Scientists develop more efficient methods of doing things, leading to lower expenses and greater productivity. The power of science is based upon the size of the empire. A larger empire must employ more scientists to maintain equal monthly scientific research.

Druids produce Runes, which are necessary for spell-casting. Runes can be stored for later use. One druid is capable of producing 1 rune per month at 100% productivity.

Mages are the spell-casters. The success of any cast spell depends on the number of mages per acre of land in a player's county, the same ratio in the target county, as well as the natural difficulty of the spell.

trategic Notes


* This game favors players that are present the day the game resets. The sooner you can build your economy and start attacking, the sooner you will advance in the game.

B units:

* Races with B units that have a high offensive capability are favored in this game due to the speed you acquire land and power through battle. Minotaurs and Trolls have an early advantage in this category.

* B units can be acquired through special buildings that allow a percentage of your peasants to be automatically converted to B units. This way, you never need to use your resources to buy B or C units, you just buy all peasants and watch your power grow.

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