World Vale Tudo Championship

World Vale Tudo Championship

The World Vale Tudo Championship, or WVC, was a No Holds Barred fighting promotion based in Brazil. The promotion was founded by Brazilian promoter Frederico Lapenda. It debuted at NK Hall Bay auditorium in Japan to a packed house, but future shows would all take place in Brazil.

The WVC helped to launch the careers of MMA stars such as Pedro Rizzo, Mark Kerr, Heath Herring, Igor Vovchanchyn, and many others. Many WVC fighters went on to fight in either the UFC or for the PRIDE promotion in Japan.

WVC super fight champions

(vale tudo rules)
*Marco Ruas
*Pedro Rizzo
*Igor Vovchanchyn
*Gilbert Yvel
*Hugo Duarte
*Stefanos Miltsakakis
*Martin Malkhasyan
*Francisco Bueno
*Mario Neto

WVC tournament winners

(vale tudo rules)
*Heavyweight: Richard Heard (WVC 1, 1996), Pedro Rizzo (WVC 2, 1996), Mark Kerr (WVC 3, 1997), Igor Vovchanchyn (WVC 5, 1998), Travis Fulton (WVC 6, 1998), Mikhail Avetisyan (WVC 7, 1999), Alexandre "Cacareco" Ferreira (WVC 8, 1999), Heath Herring (WVC 9, 1999)
*Light heavyweight: Maxim Tarasov (WVC 7, 1999), Amar Suloev (WVC 11, 2000)
*Middleweight: Johil De Oliveira (WVC 4, 1997), Dinarte Silva (WVC 12, 2001), Moacir Oliveira (WVC 12, 2001), Darrel Gholar (WVC 13, 2001), Phillip Miller (WVC 14, 2002)
*Lightweight: Eli Soares (WVC 10, 2000)


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