Roman Catholic Diocese of El Vigia-San Carlos del Zulia

Infobox Diocese| jurisdiction=Diocese
name= El Vigia-San Carlos del Zulia
latin= Dioecesis Dioecesis Vigilantis-Sancti Caroli Zuliensis
country= Venezuela| metropolitan=Maracaibo
rite=Latin Rite
cathedral = Catedral Nuestra Señora del Perpetuo Socorro in El Vigia
cocathedral =
area= 8,100
population= 368,176
population_as_of= 2004
catholics= 357,130
catholics_percent= 97.0
bishop= José Luis Azuaje Ayala
coadjutor =
auxiliary_bishops =

The Roman Catholic Diocese of El Vigia-San Carlos del Zulia {Latin: " Vigilantis-Sancti Caroli Zulien(sis)"} is a diocese located in the cities of El Vigía and San Carlos del Zulia in the Ecclesiastical province of Maracaibo in Venezuela.


* July 7, 1994: Established as Diocese of El Vigia–San Carlos del Zulia from the Diocese of Cabimas, Metropolitan Archdiocese of Maracaibo and Metropolitan Archdiocese of Mérida


* Bishops of El Vigia-San Carlos del Zulia (Roman rite)
** Bishop José Luis Azuaje Ayala (2006.07.15 – present)
** Bishop William Enrique Delgado Silva (1999.04.14 – 2005.07.26)


* [ Giga-Catholic Information]
* [ Catholic Hierarchy]

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