Irish may refer to:
* Ireland, an island in northwest Europe consisting of:
** Ireland, known as the Irish Free State up until 1937, then the Republic of Ireland, a sovereign state covering 5/6 of the island.
** Northern Ireland, a semi-autonomous region of the United Kingdom

Other forms

* Irish people, people of Irish ethnicity, originating from Ireland
** Irish diaspora, their dispersal to other countries
** Irish citizenship, citizenship of the Republic of Ireland
* Irish language, a Celtic language spoken on the island of Ireland and by communities worldwide
* Irish name, formal traditional Irish language names
* Irish traditional music, indigenous music of Ireland
* Irish Whiskey is often referred to as simply "Irish", especially when mixing with hot drinks.

ee also

* Irish army, Irish defence force first formed in 1922
* Irish culture, culture of the people living on the island of Ireland
* Irish demographics, demographic changes in Ireland since the 18 century
* Irish Gaels, pertaining to the Gaels, their language and culture.
* Irish hiberno, a form of English spoken in Ireland
* Irish history, beginning with the first known settlement in Ireland around 8000 BC, to the present day
* Irish government, the body that exercises executive authority in Ireland
* Irish regiments, either from Ireland or of Irish descent who took part in world conflicts
* Irish related topics, list of articles related to the island of Ireland

* "see Ireland (disambiguation)"

People named Irish

* Irish American, citizens of the United States who can claim Irish ancestry
* Notre Dame Fighting Irish, the athletic teams of the University of Notre Dame, USA
* William Irish, a pseudonym of Cornell Woolrich, an American writer.

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