Broomball at Michigan Tech

. In 2008, over 1900 students participated on 200 teams.


Broomball is a long time tradition at Michigan Tech. In the early 1990s, the sport came under control of IRHC, the Inter-Residence Hall Council.

Rules [IRHC Broomball Rules, Accessed 5 July 2008]

IRHC publishes a lengthy document each year containing all rules for broomball at Michigan Tech. This document can be found at the [ IRHC Broomball homepage] .


Unlike broomball played elsewhere, the game is played on rinks that are approximately convert|75|ft|m long by convert|51|ft|m wide, rather than a full hockey rink. During "Make A Difference Day weekend" (a weekend focused on community service), three rinks are erected on campus along US-41.


Players are required to fashion their own brooms out of ordinary straw brooms instead of using manufactured broomball brooms. Players often fashion brooms based on their positions. Wider brooms are said to be better for defensive play, while club-like brooms are used by attacking offensive players.


Six players (including one goaltender) are allowed on the ice during play. Substitutions may be made on the fly or at stoppages. Players may receive penalties, sending them to the penalty box for a pre-determined length of time, as in hockey. Players often use the slick ice to their advantage, purposefully sliding across the rink to reach the ball.


The teams in the annual broomball tournament are divided into leagues normally based on players' residencies.
*DHH (Douglass Houghton Hall)
*McNair (F.W. McNair Hall)
*East Wads (Wadsworth Hall East)
*West Wads (Wadsworth Hall West)
*Women's (women may also play in other leagues)

Players are allowed to play in two leagues, however teams are limited to the number of "non-residents" they may have. Champions are named in each league and the top teams in each league enter into a playoff bracket to determine an overall winner.


Students may also take a [ broomball class] during the first term of the Spring semester each year.


[ IRHC Broomball]

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