Faith Community Baptist Church

Faith Community Baptist Church, or FCBC, was founded by Lawrence Khong and is a megachurch in Singapore. [cite news|title=Rise of new churches -New-style churches are run like businesses and boast big congregations and buildings. They say they are only keeping up with the times and meeting aspirations|date=2002-07-21|publisher="Sunday Times (Singapore)"|author=Ong Sor Fern]

FCBC is one of 4 churches in Singapore that have been growing phenomenally in recent years. The other 3 churches are namely, City Harvest Church, New Creation Church and Lighthouse Evangelism.

Current Status Summary

FCBC is a megachurch in Singapore. As of 2007, some 10,000 attend its weekly services. Previously a cell church, FCBC since 2002 has transitioned into a 'G12 cell church' which follows the G12 vision by César Castellanos. Although the name Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) has the name Baptist in it, is in fact a Charismatic church that moves, teaches and believes in the power of the Holy Spirit. It should be noted that the name Baptist is from the church's historic Baptist position.

FCBC also has a community arm, TOUCH Community Services (TCS). TCS serves the local community in Singapore in a variety of ways, including providing various services and help to troubled youth, children, senior citizens, the mentally challenged, visually challenged, physically disabled, family services and in character development. TCS also has an international arm, TOUCH Community Services International, that provides aid and relief to disaster spots and areas that need help around the world. TCSI also supports long-term involvement in global communities and is deeply involved in the rebuilding process in the tsunami stricken areas and others. TCS is a non-profit, non-religious community organization, which has served over 100,000 individuals since its establishment. In 2007, TCS won the Outstanding Non-Profit Organisation Award.

FCBC conducts many services in various languages including English, Mandarin, Hokkien (with Cantonese added in 2008) and Sign Language. In 2005, FCBC moved the entire English and Mandarin congregations, numbering over 9,000, to the 7,000-seater The MAX Pavilion. The Hokkien/Cantonese and Intellectually Disabled congregations remained at FCBC's own TOUCHCENTRE building, at 3 Marine Parade Central. FCBC's Chinese, Hokkien and Cantonese ministries have a combined total of over 2,600 people,Fact|date=August 2008 and is one of Singapore's largest mandarin and dialect ministries.Fact|date=August 2008

FCBC also has a media branch that produces various wholesome movies and stage productions that teach values and Christianity. The company has made headway in the Asian entertainment industry and is now breaking into the American market. Its flagship show, The Magic of Love (MOL), recently finished a successful tour in the United States. As of 2007, over 220,000 people worldwide has watched the show.Fact|date=August 2008 The Christmas version, MOL@Christmas was held at The MAX Pavilion in December 2005 and December 2006, and was watched by 21,000 people and 25,000 people respectively.Fact|date=August 2008

It was announced in late October 2007 that Rev Khong is developing a new show that will premiere at The Esplanade Theatre on July 12th-20th 2008. Called "MAGICBOX", it will replace the current headlining show, Magic of Love. Unlike "Magic of Love", which was used for both commercial and evangelistic purposes, "MAGICBOX" will be staged solely for the commercial audience.

Reverend Lawrence Khong, together with FCBC, started the LOVESingapore Movement, a Unity movement among the churches in Singapore, in 1994. As of today, there are over 150 churches in this movement united in prayer for Singapore. Other major churches involved include Victory Family Centre under Reverend Dr Rick Seaward and Covenant Evangelical Free Church under Reverend Edmund Chan.


Being a G12 church, FCBC is led by Apostle Lawrence Khong and Rev Nina Khong. Apostle Khong is the head of the Men’s Network, whereas Rev Khong heads the Women’s Network. There are 12 pastors in each network. In the Men's Network, Apostle Khong is assisted by the following Pastors:
*Rev Melvyn Mak
*Rev Eugene Seow
*Rev Caleb Chan
*Rev Chan Hon Sek
*Pastor Cheng Kim Meng
*Rev Chua Seng Lee
*Rev Joe Kum
*Rev Patrick Chew
*Rev Richard Ong
*Rev Simon Yee
*Rev Yong Tai Tong Similarly in the Women’s Network, Rev Nina takes care of all the ladies in FCBC with the help of the following Pastors:
*Pastor Linda Mak
*Pastor Julie Seow
*Rev Aw Yew Lin
*Pastor Christina Chan
*Pastor Cheng Huey Teng
*Pastor Hazel Chew
*Pastor Jenny Ong
*Rev Kang Ying
*Rev Lai Fung Ling
*Rev Ong Swee Geok
*Rev Tay Beow Chin
*Rev Wendy Kang


* 1986 - FCBC was founded by the Reverend Lawrence Khong on 17th August 1986, with 700 members at the inaugural worship service at Singapore Labour Foundation (SLF) Auditorium.
* 1988 - Under the guidance of Dr Ralph Neighbour, FCBC transitioned into a cell church and began to rapidly increase in attendance.
* 1992 - FCBC set up TOUCH Community Services (TCS), its social welfare arm, established to provide community-based services targeted at the family and individual.
* 1993 - TOUCHCENTRE, FCBC's first celebration centre with a seating capacity of 1,600 was opened in Marine Parade Central. FCBC was the first church to organise a large-scale Christmas musical, 'Come Celebrate Christmas', at the Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS).
* 1994 - The LOVESingapore movement was started by Reverend Lawrence Khong in 1994. 'Come Celebrate Christmas' musical was re-organised in Christmas.
* 1996 - FCBC sent out 1,200 members to over 10 countries to share the cell church vision, as a form of Missions. The inaugural Take the City Walk LOVESingapore walkathon was held on Labour Day this year, to pray for the nation's revival as well as for charity for LOVESingapore's welfare arm. The 'Elijah' harvest event held in August at the Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS), attracted over 15,000 people.
* 1997 - TOUCH Community Theatre (TCT), a 1,200-seater auditorium located in Jalan Bukit Merah, was inaugurated as a second worship centre with a direct video-conferencing link to TOUCHCENTRE. Services occurred concurrently, with one centre receiving a video link from the other centre. FCBC organised the 2nd Take the City Walk LOVESingapore walkathon.
* 1998 - FCBC organised the 3rd Take the City Walk.
* 1999 - FCBC organised the 4th Take the City Walk with Guest-of-Honour then-Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and there were over 45,000 participants. The Annacondia Healing Rally was held at the National Stadium, with some 100,000 attendance and over 5,000 salvations and healings.
*2000 - Reverend Lawrence Khong was commissioned as an Apostle by Dr. Peter Wagner of the International Coalition of Apostles. FCBC began its first foray into the media industry in this year, and organised the 5th Take the City Walk with a record attendance of over 60,000.
*2001 - The Magic of Love, the world's first Magic-musical, was launched at the Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS), with Mrs Goh Chok Tong as Guest-of-Honour. It was watched by over 40,000 people during its opening. FCBC organised the 6th Take the City Walk with over 30,000 participants.
*2002 - FCBC embraced the G12 Vision by César Castellanos Dominguez, the founder of International Charismatic Mission (MCI) in Columbia, and Apostle Khong became one of Pastor César's International Twelve (Disciples). The inaugural G12 Conference held at Singapore EXPO Hall 1 was attended by over 4,800 people.
*2003 - FCBC hosted the 2nd G12 Conference held at Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS), with 5,200 participants. The Magic of Love (MOL) performed in China, Macau, East and West Malaysia, as well as Thailand, just to a name a few places. 'Secret of the Escape' was held at SUNTEC Convention Centre and brought 900 souls into the Kingdom of God.
*2004 - FCBC hosted the 3rd G12 Conference held at Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS), with 6,100 participants. 'Spookshow' was held at the SUNTEC Convention Centre led over 400 people to the Lord.
*2005 - FCBC hosted the 4th G12 Conference held at Singapore Indoor Stadium (SIS), with 6,900 participants. 'Spookshow 2005' was held at the SUNTEC Convention Centre and over 1,000 lives were harvested. FCBC moved to The MAX Pavilon at the Singapore EXPO for its main English, Mandarin, Youth, Deaf and Children's ministries. 'Magic of Love @ Christmas' played at The MAX Pavilion in December with some 500 salvations.
*2006 - FCBC hosted the 5th G12 Conference held at The MAX Pavilion, with 6,500 participants. FCBC's 'Ultraviolet' youth harvest event with guest band Planetshakers, was held at The MAX Pavilion, and 334 people accepted Christ. There were 2 Miracle Weekends in June and October, with a combined 1,050 first-time decisions for the Lord. Take The City Walk 2006, a charity walkathon organised by TOUCH Community Services (TCS), had over 17,000 participants. Finally, 'Magic of Love @ Christmas' ran at the The MAX Pavilion in December, with over 800 salvations.
*2007 - FCBC hosted the 6th G12 Conference held at the MAX Pavilion with 6,800 participants. A 'Ministry to the Poor' conference by Jackie Pullinger in May, and a 'Marketplace Transformation' conference by Ed Silvoso were held. FCBC launched the first '100K Campaign', and commissioned 5,700 warriors that blessed 108,853 people between 8 July to 8 August. 3 Miracle Weekends were held in April, August and December with over 1,000 decisions for the Lord. TCS's Take The City Walk 2007 had over 12,500 participants.
*2008 - FCBC converted the Hokkien service into a brand-new Hokkien and Cantonese Bilingual service, starting on 9th February. FCBC held a churchwide "Week of Sanctification (WOS)" in English (@ MAX Pavilion) and Mandarin (@ TC). Award-winning violinist Maurice Sklar and Worship band "Streams of Praise" ministered in the English and Mandarin sessions of WOS respectively. The premiere of the MAGICBOX production was held at the Singapore Esplanade Theatres on the Bay from July 12th-20th this year. Over 16,000 tickets were sold, and the show was indeed a great success.


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