Sima Mafiha

Sima Mafiha (or her stage name Marjan) is an Iranian singer. She is a serious, self-styled singer in the field of Persian classical music.


Her career was at its height in the 1970s but was curtailed by the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979 as she was forbidden to sing anymore. In 1970 she already was on the list of young soloists performing for the Iranian National Radio and TV and was well-known for some of her memorable vocal pieces. She also took part in the Shiraz Art Festival. In the early stage of her career she was known by the name Marjan. However, in 1975 another Marjan appeared on the scene, a well known film actress who also started to perform as a singer. It was rather confusing and embarrassing for the two to have the same name, Marjan, in the music world of Iran. And so she did not chose another artist's name for herself and came to be known as Sima Mafiha, which was her real name. In 1975-76 she added to her fame by participating in the ensembles Sheida and Aref and sang such compositions, that were earlier only sung by Pouran, Elaheh and Marzieh who were masters of the Persian music. Notwithstanding her talent, she could not continue her musical career, which was disrupted in 1979 by the official ban on female singers, imposed by the newly established Islamic government of Iran. Since that time little is known about her. The only Sima Mafiha music album (cassette) was released in 1978, just before the Iranian Revolution. For many Iranians the name Sima Mafiha is reminiscent of a brilliant voice, full of mystery. Currently she lives abroad Iran.

Memorable songs

*"Shiveh-e NooshinLaban"
*"Nazanin Yaar-e Man"
*"Emshab Shab-e Mahtab-e"
*"Zolf-e Sar Kajat"
*"Nadideh Rokhat"
*"Bot-e Chin"
*"Az Kafam Raha"
*"Avaz-e Bahari"
*"Bagh-e Ateshin"


* [ Biography of Sima Mafiha by Milad Esfandiari]

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