WSFN (programming language)

WSFN (programming language)

WSFN ("Which Stands for Nothing") was a programming language for controlling robots created by Li-Chen Wang [ Li-Chen Wang Talk page at USCS ECE Wiki] ] ] and published by Dr. Dobb's Journal in September 1977 [Citation
last = Wang
first = Li-Chen
author-link = Li-Chen Wang
title = An Interactive Programming Language for Control of Robots
periodical = Dr. Dobb's Journal
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] . It was later translated into Japanese and published by "ASCII".

Extended WSFN was an implementation created for the Atari 8-bit family of home computers by Harry Stewart, and published by the Atari Program Exchange [ [ APX listing at] ] in 1981 [ [ Stanford University library "Games E" collection listing] ] . Extended WSFN was designed as "beginner's language with emphasis on graphics" [ [ Learnthat definition of WSFN] ] and included turtle graphicsFact|date=January 2008.

It was an exceedingly cryptic language. For example, this is a program to draw Sierpiński curves:



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