Atmosphere (disambiguation)

Atmosphere (< Greek "ατμός" (atmos) = steam + "σφαίρα" (sfaíra) = sphere) or Atmospheres most commonly refers to:
*Atmosphere, a layer of gases around a celestial body, such as:
**Earth's atmosphere
**Stellar atmosphere

It may also refer to:

*Atmosphere (unit), a unit of pressure
*Gas mixture (an artificial atmosphere)

*Ambience or mood
*Atmosphere (restaurant), a restaurant in Borneo's tallest building
*Atmosphere Visual Effects, a Vancouver based visual effects company

*Atmosphere (music group), a hip-hop music duo.
*Atmosfear, or Nightmare, a video oriented boardgame famously known for introducing "The Gatekeeper"
*Atmosphere (Israeli band), a short-lived Israeli progressive rock band.
*Atmosfear (band), a German progressive metal band
*Atmosphere (Joy Division song), a song by Joy Division
*Atmosphères, an orchestral piece by György Sándor Ligeti
*Atmospheres (TV show), a former television series on The Weather Channel
* Atmosphere - A hit for Russ Abbot in 1984.
* "Atmosphere" (album), an album by Eloy Fritsch a keyboard player known for his work in the progressive rock group Apocalypse.

*Adobe Atmosphere, a 3D computer graphics product by Adobe Systems

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