1970s in sociology

The following events related to sociology occurred in the 1970s.


*Robert Adrey's "Social Contract" is published.
*Jean Baudrillard's "" is published.
*Thomas R. Dye's and L. Harmon Zeigler's "Irony of democracy" is published.
*Michel Foucault's "The Order of Discourse" is published.
*Alvin Ward Gouldner's "The Coming Crisis of Western Sociology" is published.
*Germaine Greer's "The Female Eunuch" is published.
*Donald MacRae's "New Society" is published.
*Nicos Poulantzas' "Fascism and Dictatorship" is published.
*John Rex's "Race relations in sociological theory" is published.
*Richard Sennett's "" is published.
*Richard Titmuss' "The Gift Relationship" is published.


*Erving Goffman's "Relations in Public" is published.
*Gyorgy Lukacs' "History and Class Consciousness" (last edition) is published.
*Frank Parkin's "" is published.
*Talcott Parsons' "The System of Modern Societies" is published.
*Frances Fox Piven's and Richard Cloward's "Regulating the poor; the functions of public welfare" is published.
*Henry S. Shryock's and Jacob S. Siegel's "The Methods and Materials of Demography" is published.
*William H. Sewell serves as president of the ASA.


June 4 - Gyorgy Lukacs


*Stanley Cohen's Folk Devils and Moral Panics is published.
*Andre Gunder Frank's is published.
*Karl Popper's "Objective Knowledge" is published.
*Wilhelm Reich's "The Sexual Revolution" is published.
*Michael Young's "Is equality a dream" is published.
*William J. Goode serves as president of the ASA.


*Jean Baudrillard's "The Mirror of Production" is published.
*Daniel Bell's "The Coming of Post-Industrial Society is publiished.
*Raymond Boudon's "Mathematical structures of social mobility" is published.
*James Coleman's "The Mathematics of Collective Activity" is published.
*Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt's "Traditional patrimonialism and modern neopatrimonialism" is published.
*Shmuel Noah Eisenstadt's "Tradition, change, and modernity" is published.
*Alvin Ward Gouldner's "For Sociology" is published.
*David V. Glass' "Numbering the People" is published.
*Steven Goldberg's "The Inevitability of Patriarchy" is published.
*Jacques Lacan's "The Four Fundamental Concepts of Psychoanalysis" is published.
*John Rex's "" is published.
*Nicos Poulantzas' "Classes in contemperary Capitalism" is published.
*Peter Willmott's and Michael Young's "Symmetrical family; a study of work and leisure in the London region" is published.


*Raymond Boudon's "" is published.
*Randall Collins' "Conflict Sociology" is published.
*Oliver Cox's "Jewish Self-Interest and Black Pluralism" is published.
*Erving Goffman's "Frame Analysis" is published.
*Charles Tilly's (ed.) "The Formation of national States in Western Europe" is published.
*Peter M. Blau serves as president of the ASA.
*Last meeting of the London Positivist Society


*Norbert Elias' "The Society of Individuals" is published.
*Michel Foucault's "Discipline and Punish" is published.
*Paul Feyerabend's "Against Method" is published.
*Ian Hacking's "The Emergence of Probability" is published.
*Ian Hacking's "Why Does Language Matter to Philosophy?" is published.
*Nicos Poulantzas' "Crisis of Dictatorships" is published.
*John Westergaard's and Henrietta Resler's "" is published.


*Jean Baudrillard's "Symbolic exchange and Death" is published.
*Harry Braverman's "Labour and Monopoly Capital" is published.
*Thomas R. Dye's "" is published.
*Michel Foucault's "The Will to Knowledge" is published.
*Anthony Giddens' "The New Rules of the Sociological Method" is published.
*Morris Janowitz's "Social Control and the Welfare State" is published.
*Edmund Leach's "Culture and Communication" is published.
*Stuart Hall's and Tony Jefferson's (eds.) "Resistance through Rituals" is published.
*Roy Wallis' "The Road to Total Freedom" is published.


*Colin Crouch's "" is published.
*Frances Fox Piven's and Richard Cloward's "" is published.
*Michael Th. Greven's " is published.
*Christopher Lasch's "Haven in a Heartless World" is published.
*Karl Polanyi's "The Livelihood of Man" is published.


*Arnaldo Bagnasco's, Marcello Messori's and Carlo Trigilia's Problematiche dello sviluppo italiano is published.
*Paul Feyerabend's "Science In A Free Society" is published.
*Ernest Gellner's "State and Society in Soviet Thought" is published.
*Stuart Hall's, Charles Critcher's, Tony Jefferson's, Brian Robert's and John Clarke's "Policing the Crisis" is published.
*Morris Janowitz's "The Last Half-Century" is published.
*Nicos Panayiotou Mouzelis's "Modern Greece Facets of Underdevelopment" is published.
*Nicos Poulantzas' "State, Power and Socialism" is published.
*Amos H. Hawley serves as president of the ASA.


*Pierre Bourdieu's "" is published.
*Michael Burawoy's "Manufacturing Consent" is published.
*Ralf Dahrendorf's "Life Chances" is published.
*Friedrich Hayek's "Law, Legislation and Liberty" is published.
*Christopher Lasch's "The Culture of Narcissism" is published.
*Jean-François Lyotard's "The Post Modern Condition" is published.
*Michel Maffesoli's "The Present Conquest" is published.
*Michel Maffesoli's "" is published.
*Karl Popper's "Objective Knowledge is published.
*Theda Skocpol's "States and Social Revolutions" is published.
*Viviana Zelizer's "" is published.
*Hubert M. Blalock, Jr. serves as president of the ASA.

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