BK 5 cannon

Infobox Weapon
name= BK-5 cannon

origin=flagcountry|Nazi Germany
type= Cannon
wars=World War II
number= approx. 300
weight=135 lbs
length=45 inch
Barrel_length=23 inch
cartridge= 50 mm
rate=45 rounds per minute.
Muzzle velocity=600 ft./sec.
The Bordkanone 5, or BK 5 for short, was a 50 mm autocannon intended primarily for use against Allied heavy bombers. The BK 5 cannons were installed in Luftwaffe bomber destroyers such as the twin-engined Me 410 "Hornisse", and experimentally, in the Me 262 jet fighter, when the similar caliber MK 214 cannon was not yet available. Approximately 300 were produced and it saw only limited action. There were also 37 mm and 75 mm cannon in the "Bordkanone" series, but of these two other weapons, the BK 3.7 was used on the Ju 87 G model of the Stuka (externally mounted, one under each wing) and also used on the small numbers of Ju 88 P twin engined bomber destroyers built, along with the BK 5 cannon.


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