72nd United States Congress - State Delegations

The Seventy-second United States Congress was a meeting of the legislative branch of the United States federal government, consisting of the United States Senate and the United States House of Representatives. It met in Washington, D.C. from March 4 1931 to March 3 1933, during the last two years of the administration of U.S. President Herbert Hoover.

The apportionment of seats in this House of Representatives was based on the Thirteenth Census of the United States in 1920. Both chambers had a Republican majority.

This article supplements the main article with a list of the members by state delegation.

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Dates of sessions

March 4 1931 - March 3 1933
*First session: December 7 1931 - July 16 1932
*Second session: December 5 1932 - March 3 1933 — a lame duck sessionPrevious congress: 71st Congress
Next congress: 73rd Congress


At this time, Senators were elected by the state legislatures every two years, with one-third beginning new six year terms with each Congress. Preceding the names in the list below are Senate class numbers, which indicate the cycle of their election. In this Congress, Class 1 meant their term began in the last Congress, requiring reelection in 1934; Class 2 meant their term began with this Congress, requiring reelection in 1936; and Class 3 meant their term ended with this Congress, requiring reelection in 1935.

The names of members of the House of Representatives elected statewide on the general ticket or otherwise "at-large," are preceded by an "A/L," and the names of those elected from districts, whether plural or single member, are preceded by their district numbers.

Many of the congressional district numbers are linked to articles describing the district itself. Since the boundaries of the districts have changed often and substantially, the linked article may only describe the district as it exists today, and not as it was at the time of this Congress.

The list below is arranged by state, then by chamber. Senators are shown in order of seniority, House members in district order.


*3: Hugo L. Black (1886-1971), "Democratic"
*2: John H. Bankhead, II (1872-1946), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(10 seats)"
*ushr|Alabama|1|1: John McDuffie (1883-1950), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|2|2: J. Lister Hill (1894-1984), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|3|3: Henry B. Steagall (1873-1943), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|4|4: Lamar Jeffers (1888-1983), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|5|5: LaFayette L. Patterson (1888-1987), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|6|6: William B. Oliver (1867-1948), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|7|7: Miles C. Allgood (1878-1977), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|8|8: Edward B. Almon (1860-1933), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|9|9: George Huddleston (1869-1960), "Democratic"
*ushr|Alabama|10|10: William B. Bankhead (1874-1940), "Democratic"


*1: Henry F. Ashurst (1874-1962), "Democratic"
*3: Carl T. Hayden (1877-1972), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Arizona|AL|A/L: Lewis W. Douglas (1894-1974), "Democratic" …resigned March 4 1933.


*2: Joseph T. Robinson (1872-1937), "Democratic"
*3: Thaddeus H. Caraway (1871-1931), "Democratic" …died November 6 1931.
*: Hattie W. Caraway (1878-1950), "Democratic" …appointed to fill vacancy, November 13 1931, subsequently elected.:House of Representatives "(7 seats)"
*ushr|Arkansas|1|1: William J. Driver (1873-1948), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|2|2: John E. Miller (1888-1981), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|3|3: Claude A. Fuller (1876-1968), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|4|4: Effiegene L. Wingo (1883-1962), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|5|5: Heartsill Ragon (1885-1940), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|6|6: David D. Glover (1868-1952), "Democratic"
*ushr|Arkansas|7|7: Tilman B. Parks (1872-1950), "Democratic"


*1: Hiram W. Johnson (1866-1945), "Republican"
*3: Samuel M. Shortridge (1861-1952), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(11 seats)"
*ushr|California|1|1: Clarence F. Lea (1874-1964), "Democratic"
*ushr|California|2|2: Harry L. Englebright (1884-1943), "Republican"
*ushr|California|3|3: Charles F. Curry, Jr. (1893-1972), "Republican"
*ushr|California|4|4: Florence P. Kahn (1866-1948), "Republican"
*ushr|California|5|5: Richard J. Welch (1869-1949), "Republican"
*ushr|California|6|6: Albert E. Carter (1881-1964), "Republican"
*ushr|California|7|7: Henry E. Barbour (1877-1945), "Republican"
*ushr|California|8|8: Arthur M. Free (1879-1953), "Republican"
*ushr|California|9|9: William E. Evans (1877-1959), "Republican"
*ushr|California|10|10: Joe Crail (1877-1938), "Republican"
*ushr|California|11|11: Philip D. Swing (1884-1963), "Republican"


*3: Charles W. Waterman (1861-1932), "Republican" …died August 27 1932.
*: Walter Walker (1883-1956), "Democratic" …appointed to fill vacancy, September 26 1932.
*: Karl C. Schuyler (1877-1933), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, December 7 1932.
*2: Edward P. Costigan (1874-1939), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(4 seats)"
*ushr|Colorado|1|1: William R. Eaton (1877-1942), "Republican"
*ushr|Colorado|2|2: Charles B. Timberlake (1854-1941), "Republican"
*ushr|Colorado|3|3: Guy U. Hardy (1872-1947), "Republican"
*ushr|Colorado|4|4: Edward T. Taylor (1858-1941), "Democratic"


*3: Hiram Bingham, III (1875-1956), "Republican"
*1: Frederic C. Walcott (1869-1949), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(5 seats)"
*ushr|Connecticut|1|1: Augustine Lonergan (1874-1947), "Democratic"
*ushr|Connecticut|2|2: Richard P. Freeman (1869-1944), "Republican"
*ushr|Connecticut|3|3: John Q. Tilson (1866-1958), "Republican" …resigned December 3 1932.
*ushr|Connecticut|4|4: William L. Tierney (1876-1958), "Democratic"
*ushr|Connecticut|5|5: Edward W. Goss (1893-1972), "Republican"


*2: Daniel O. Hastings (1874-1966), "Republican"
*1: John G. Townsend, Jr. (1871-1964), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Delaware|AL|A/L: Robert G. Houston (1867-1946), "Republican"


*3: Duncan U. Fletcher (1859-1936), "Democratic"
*1: Park Trammell (1876-1936), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(4 seats)"
*ushr|Florida|1|1: Herbert J. Drane (1863-1947), "Democratic"
*ushr|Florida|2|2: Robert A. Green (1892-1973), "Democratic"
*ushr|Florida|3|3: Thomas A. Yon (1882-1971), "Democratic"
*ushr|Florida|4|4: Ruth Bryan Owen (1885-1954), "Democratic"


*2: William J. Harris (1868-1932), "Democratic" …died April 18 1932.
*: John S. Cohen (1870-1935), "Democratic" …appointed to fill vacancy, April 25 1932.
*: Richard B. Russell, Jr. (1897-1971), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, January 12 1933.
*3: Walter F. George (1878-1957), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(12 seats)"
*ushr|Georgia|1|1: Charles G. Edwards (1878-1931), "Democratic" …died July 13 1931.
*: Homer C. Parker (1885-1946), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, September 9 1931.
*ushr|Georgia|2|2: Edward E. Cox (1880-1952), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|3|3: Charles R. Crisp (1870-1937), "Democratic" …resigned October 7 1932.
*: Bryant T. Castellow (1876-1962), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, November 8 1932.
*ushr|Georgia|4|4: William C. Wright (1866-1933), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|5|5: Robert C. W. Ramspeck (1890-1972), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|6|6: Samuel Rutherford (1870-1932), "Democratic" …died February 4 1932.
*: W. Carlton Mobley (1906-1981), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, March 2 1932.
*ushr|Georgia|7|7: Malcolm C. Tarver (1885-1960), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|8|8: Charles H. Brand (1861-1933), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|9|9: John S. Wood (1885-1968), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|10|10: Carl Vinson (1883-1981), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|11|11: William C. Lankford (1877-1964), "Democratic"
*ushr|Georgia|12|12: William W. Larsen (1871-1938), "Democratic"


*2: William E. Borah (1865-1940), "Republican"
*3: John W. Thomas (1874-1945), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|Idaho|1|1: Burton L. French (1875-1954), "Republican"
*ushr|Idaho|2|2: Addison T. Smith (1862-1956), "Republican"


*3: Otis F. Glenn (1879-1959), "Republican"
*2: J. Hamilton Lewis (1863-1939), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(27 seats)"
*ushr|Illinois|1|1: Oscar S. De Priest (1871-1951), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|2|2: Morton D. Hull (1867-1937), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|3|3: Edward A. Kelly (1892-1969), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|4|4: Harry P. Beam (1892-1967), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|5|5: Adolph J. Sabath (1866-1952), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|6|6: James T. Igoe (1883-1971), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|7|7: Leonard W. Schuetz (1887-1944), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|8|8: Peter C. Granata (1898-1973), "Republican" …contested election, served until April 5 1932.
*: Stanley H. Kunz (1864-1946), "Democratic" …contested election, seated April 5 1932.
*ushr|Illinois|9|9: Frederick A. Britten (1871-1946), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|10|10: Carl R. Chindblom (1870-1956), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|11|11: Frank R. Reid (1879-1945), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|12|12: John T. Buckbee (1871-1936), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|13|13: William R. Johnson (1875-1938), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|14|14: John C. Allen (1860-1939), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|15|15: Burnett M. Chiperfield (1870-1940), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|16|16: William E. Hull (1866-1942), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|17|17: Homer W. Hall (1870-1954), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|18|18: William P. Holaday (1882-1946), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|19|19: Charles Adkins (1863-1941), "Republican"
*ushr|Illinois|20|20: Henry T. Rainey (1860-1934), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|21|21: J. Earl Major (1887-1972), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|22|22: Charles A. Karch (1875-1932), "Democratic" …died November 6 1932.
*ushr|Illinois|23|23: William W. Arnold (1877-1957), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|24|24: Claude V. Parsons (1895-1941), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|25|25: Kent E. Keller (1867-1954), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|AL|A/L: William H. Dieterich (1876-1940), "Democratic"
*ushr|Illinois|AL|A/L: Richard Yates (1860-1936), "Republican"


*3: James E. Watson (1864-1948), "Republican"
*1: Arthur R. Robinson (1881-1961), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(13 seats)"
*ushr|Indiana|1|1: John W. Boehne, Jr. (1895-1973), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|2|2: Arthur H. Greenwood (1880-1963), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|3|3: Eugene B. Crowe (1878-1970), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|4|4: Harry C. Canfield (1875-1945), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|5|5: Courtland C. Gillen (1880-1954), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|6|6: William H. Larrabee (1870-1960), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|7|7: Louis L. Ludlow (1873-1950), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|8|8: Albert H. Vestal (1875-1932), "Republican" …died April 1 1932.
*ushr|Indiana|9|9: Fred S. Purnell (1882-1939), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|10|10: William R. Wood (1861-1933), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|11|11: Glenn H. Griswold (1890-1940), "Democratic"
*ushr|Indiana|12|12: David Hogg (1886-1973), "Republican"
*ushr|Indiana|13|13: Samuel B. Pettengill (1886-1974), "Democratic"


*3: Smith W. Brookhart (1869-1944), "Republican"
*2: Lester J. Dickinson (1873-1968), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(11 seats)"
*ushr|Iowa|1|1: William F. Kopp (1869-1938), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|2|2: Bernhard M. Jacobsen (1862-1936), "Democratic"
*ushr|Iowa|3|3: Thomas J. B. Robinson (1868-1958), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|4|4: Gilbert N. Haugen (1859-1933), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|5|5: Cyrenus Cole (1863-1939), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|6|6: C. William Ramseyer (1875-1943), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|7|7: Cassius C. Dowell (1864-1940), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|8|8: Lloyd Thurston (1880-1970), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|9|9: Charles E. Swanson (1879-1970), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|10|10: Fred C. Gilchrist (1868-1950), "Republican"
*ushr|Iowa|11|11: Ed H. Campbell (1882-1969), "Republican"


*2: Arthur Capper (1865-1951), "Republican"
*3: George McGill (1879-1963), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(8 seats)"
*ushr|Kansas|1|1: William P. Lambertson (1880-1957), "Republican"
*ushr|Kansas|2|2: Ulysses S. Guyer (1868-1943), "Republican"
*ushr|Kansas|3|3: Harold C. McGugin (1893-1946), "Republican"
*ushr|Kansas|4|4: Homer Hoch (1879-1949), "Republican"
*ushr|Kansas|5|5: James G. Strong (1870-1938), "Republican"
*ushr|Kansas|6|6: Charles I. Sparks (1872-1937), "Republican"
*ushr|Kansas|7|7: Clifford R. Hope (1893-1970), "Republican"
*ushr|Kansas|8|8: William A. Ayres (1867-1952), "Democratic"


*3: Alben W. Barkley (1877-1956), "Democratic"
*2: Marvel M. Logan (1874-1939), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(11 seats)"
*ushr|Kentucky|1|1: William V. Gregory (1877-1936), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|2|2: Glover H. Cary (1885-1936), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|3|3: John W. Moore (1877-1941), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|4|4: Cap R. Carden (1866-1935), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|5|5: Maurice H. Thatcher (1870-1973), "Republican"
*ushr|Kentucky|6|6: Brent Spence (1874-1967), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|7|7: Virgil M. Chapman (1895-1951), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|8|8: Ralph W. E. Gilbert (1882-1939), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|9|9: Frederick M. Vinson (1890-1953), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|10|10: Andrew J. May (1875-1959), "Democratic"
*ushr|Kentucky|11|11: Charles Finley (1865-1941), "Republican"


*3: Edwin S. Broussard (1874-1934), "Democratic"
*2: Huey P. Long (1893-1935), "Democratic" …not qualified until January 25 1932.:House of Representatives "(8 seats)"
*ushr|Louisiana|1|1: Joachim O. Fernández (1896-1978), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|2|2: Paul H. Maloney (1876-1967), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|3|3: Numa F. Montet (1892-1985), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|4|4: John N. Sandlin (1872-1957), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|5|5: Riley J. Wilson (1871-1946), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|6|6: Bolivar E. Kemp (1871-1933), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|7|7: René L. De Rouen (1874-1942), "Democratic"
*ushr|Louisiana|8|8: James B. Aswell (1869-1931), "Democratic" …died March 16 1931.
*: John H. Overton (1875-1948), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, May 12 1931.


*1: Frederick Hale (1874-1963), "Republican"
*2: Wallace H. White, Jr. (1877-1952), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(4 seats)"
*ushr|Maine|1|1: Carroll L. Beedy (1880-1947), "Republican"
*ushr|Maine|2|2: Donald B. Partridge (1891-1946), "Republican"
*ushr|Maine|3|3: John E. Nelson (1874-1955), "Republican"
*ushr|Maine|4|4: Donald F. Snow (1877-1958), "Republican"


*3: Millard E. Tydings (1890-1961), "Democratic"
*1: Phillips Lee Goldsborough (1865-1946), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)"
*ushr|Maryland|1|1: T. Alan Goldsborough (1877-1951), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|2|2: William P. Cole, Jr. (1889-1957), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|3|3: Vincent L. Palmisano (1882-1953), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|4|4: J. Charles Linthicum (1867-1932), "Democratic" …died October 5 1932.
*: Ambrose J. Kennedy (1893-1950), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, November 8 1932.
*ushr|Maryland|5|5: Stephen W. Gambrill (1873-1938), "Democratic"
*ushr|Maryland|6|6: David J. Lewis (1869-1952), "Democratic"


*1: David I. Walsh (1872-1947), "Democratic"
*2: Marcus A. Coolidge (1865-1947), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(16 seats)"
*ushr|Massachusetts|1|1: Allen T. Treadway (1867-1947), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|2|2: William J. Granfield (1889-1959), "Democratic"
*ushr|Massachusetts|3|3: Frank H. Foss (1865-1947), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|4|4: Pehr G. Holmes (1881-1952), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|5|5: Edith Nourse Rogers (1881-1960), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|6|6: A. Piatt Andrew, Jr. (1873-1936), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|7|7: William P. Connery, Jr. (1888-1937), "Democratic"
*ushr|Massachusetts|8|8: Frederick W. Dallinger (1871-1955), "Republican" …resigned October 1 1932.
*ushr|Massachusetts|9|9: Charles L. Underhill (1867-1946), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|10|10: John J. Douglass (1873-1939), "Democratic"
*ushr|Massachusetts|11|11: George Holden Tinkham (1870-1956), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|12|12: John W. McCormack (1891-1980), "Democratic"
*ushr|Massachusetts|13|13: Robert Luce (1862-1946), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|14|14: Richard B. Wigglesworth (1891-1960), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|15|15: Joseph W. Martin, Jr. (1884-1968), "Republican"
*ushr|Massachusetts|16|16: Charles L. Gifford (1871-1947), "Republican"


*2: James J. Couzens (1872-1936), "Republican"
*1: Arthur H. Vandenberg (1884-1951), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(13 seats)"
*ushr|Michigan|1|1: Robert H. Clancy (1882-1962), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|2|2: Earl C. Michener (1876-1957), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|3|3: Joseph L. Hooper (1877-1934), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|4|4: John C. Ketcham (1873-1941), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|5|5: Carl E. Mapes (1874-1939), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|6|6: Seymour H. Person (1879-1957), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|7|7: Jesse P. Wolcott (1893-1969), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|8|8: Bird J. Vincent (1880-1931), "Republican" …died July 18 1931.
*: Michael J. Hart (1877-1951), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, November 3 1931.
*ushr|Michigan|9|9: James C. McLaughlin (1858-1932), "Republican" …died November 29 1932.
*ushr|Michigan|10|10: Roy O. Woodruff (1876-1953), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|11|11: Frank P. Bohn (1866-1944), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|12|12: W. Frank James (1873-1945), "Republican"
*ushr|Michigan|13|13: Clarence J. McLeod (1895-1959), "Republican"


*1: Henrik Shipstead (1881-1960), "Farmer-Labor"
*2: Thomas D. Schall (1878-1935), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(10 seats)"
*ushr|Minnesota|1|1: Victor L. A. Christgau (1894-1991), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|2|2: Frank Clague (1865-1952), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|3|3: August H. Andresen (1890-1958), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|4|4: Melvin J. Maas (1898-1964), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|5|5: William I. Nolan (1874-1943), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|6|6: Harold Knutson (1880-1953), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|7|7: Paul J. Kvale (1896-1960), "Farmer-Labor"
*ushr|Minnesota|8|8: William A. Pittenger (1885-1951), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|9|9: Conrad G. Selvig (1877-1953), "Republican"
*ushr|Minnesota|10|10: Godfrey G. Goodwin (1873-1933), "Republican" …died February 16 1933.


*2: B. Patton Harrison (1881-1941), "Democratic"
*1: Hubert D. Stephens (1875-1946), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(8 seats)"
*ushr|Mississippi|1|1: John E. Rankin (1882-1960), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|2|2: Wall Doxey (1892-1962), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|3|3: William M. Whittington (1878-1962), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|4|4: T. Jefferson Busby (1884-1964), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|5|5: Ross A. Collins (1880-1968), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|6|6: Robert S. Hall (1879-1941), "Democratic"
*ushr|Mississippi|7|7: Percy E. Quin (1872-1932), "Democratic" …died February 4 1932.
*: Lawrence Russell Ellzey (1891-1977), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, March 15 1932.
*ushr|Mississippi|8|8: James W. Collier (1872-1933), "Democratic"


*3: Harry B. Hawes (1869-1947), "Democratic" …resigned February 3 1933.
*: Joel Bennett Clark (1890-1954), "Democratic" …appointed to fill vacancy, February 4 1933.
*1: Roscoe C. Patterson (1876-1954), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(16 seats)"
*ushr|Missouri|1|1: Milton A. Romjue (1874-1968), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|2|2: Ralph F. Lozier (1866-1945), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|3|3: Jacob L. Milligan (1889-1951), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|4|4: David W. Hopkins (1897-1968), "Republican"
*ushr|Missouri|5|5: Joseph B. Shannon (1867-1943), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|6|6: Clement C. Dickinson (1849-1938), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|7|7: Samuel C. Major (1869-1931), "Democratic" …died July 28 1931.
*: Robert D. Johnson (1883-1961), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, September 29 1931.
*ushr|Missouri|8|8: William L. Nelson (1875-1946), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|9|9: Clarence A. Cannon (1879-1964), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|10|10: Henry F. Niedringhaus (1864-1941), "Republican"
*ushr|Missouri|11|11: John J. Cochran (1880-1947), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|12|12: Leonidas C. Dyer (1871-1957), "Republican"
*ushr|Missouri|13|13: Clyde Williams (1873-1954), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|14|14: James F. Fulbright (1877-1948), "Democratic"
*ushr|Missouri|15|15: Joe J. Manlove (1876-1956), "Republican"
*ushr|Missouri|16|16: William E. Barton (1868-1955), "Democratic"


*2: Thomas J. Walsh (1859-1933), "Democratic" …died March 2 1933.
*1: Burton K. Wheeler (1882-1975), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|Montana|1|1: John M. Evans (1863-1946), "Democratic"
*ushr|Montana|2|2: Scott Leavitt (1879-1966), "Republican"


*2: George W. Norris (1861-1944), "Republican"
*1: Robert B. Howell (1864-1933), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)"
*ushr|Nebraska|1|1: John H. Morehead (1861-1942), "Democratic"
*ushr|Nebraska|2|2: H. Malcolm Baldrige (1894-1985), "Republican"
*ushr|Nebraska|3|3: Edgar Howard (1858-1951), "Democratic"
*ushr|Nebraska|4|4: John N. Norton (1878-1960), "Democratic"
*ushr|Nebraska|5|5: Ashton C. Shallenberger (1862-1938), "Democratic"
*ushr|Nebraska|6|6: Robert G. Simmons (1891-1969), "Republican"


*1: Key Pittman (1872-1940), "Democratic"
*3: Tasker L. Oddie (1870-1950), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Nevada|AL|A/L: Samuel S. Arentz (1879-1934), "Republican"

New Hampshire

*3: George H. Moses (1869-1944), "Republican"
*2: Henry W. Keyes (1863-1938), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|New Hampshire|1|1: Fletcher Hale (1883-1931), "Republican" …died October 22 1931.
*: William N. Rogers (1892-1945), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, January 5 1932.
*ushr|New Hampshire|2|2: Edward H. Wason (1865-1941), "Republican"

New Jersey

*1: Hamilton F. Kean (1862-1941), "Republican"
*2: Dwight W. Morrow (1873-1931), "Republican" …died October 5 1931.
*: W. Warren Barbour (1888-1943), "Republican" …appointed to fill vacancy, December 1 1931, subsequently elected.:House of Representatives "(12 seats)"
*ushr|New Jersey|1|1: Charles A. Wolverton (1880-1969), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|2|2: Isaac Bacharach (1870-1956), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|3|3: William H. Sutphin (1887-1972), "Democratic"
*ushr|New Jersey|4|4: Charles A. Eaton (1868-1953), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|5|5: Ernest R. Ackerman (1863-1931), "Republican" …died October 18 1931.
*: Percy H. Stewart (1867-1951), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, December 1 1931.
*ushr|New Jersey|6|6: Randolph Perkins (1871-1936), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|7|7: George N. Seger (1866-1940), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|8|8: Fred A. Hartley, Jr. (1902-1969), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|9|9: Peter A. Cavicchia (1879-1967), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|10|10: Frederick R. Lehlbach (1876-1937), "Republican"
*ushr|New Jersey|11|11: Oscar L. Auf der Heide (1874-1945), "Democratic"
*ushr|New Jersey|12|12: Mary T. Norton (1875-1959), "Democratic"

New Mexico

*2: Sam G. Bratton (1888-1963), "Democratic"
*1: Bronson M. Cutting (1888-1935), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|New Mexico|1|A/L: Dennis Chavez (1888-1962), "Democratic"

New York

*1: Royal S. Copeland (1868-1938), "Democratic"
*3: Robert F. Wagner (1877-1953), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(43 seats)"
*ushr|New York|1|1: Robert L. Bacon (1884-1938), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|2|2: William F. Brunner (1887-1965), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|3|3: George W. Lindsay (1865-1938), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|4|4: Thomas H. Cullen (1868-1944), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|5|5: Loring M. Black, Jr. (1886-1956), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|6|6: Andrew L. Somers (1895-1949), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|7|7: Matthew V. O'Malley (1878-1931), "Democratic" …died before the beginning of the Congress, never served.
*: John J. Delaney (1878-1948), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, November 3 1931.
*ushr|New York|8|8: Patrick J. Carley (1866-1936), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|9|9: David J. O'Connell (1868-1930), "Democratic" …died December 29 1930, in the preceding Congress
*: Stephen A. Rudd (1874-1936), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, February 17 1931.
*ushr|New York|10|10: Emanuel Celler (1888-1981), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|11|11: Anning S. Prall (1870-1937), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|12|12: Samuel Dickstein (1885-1954), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|13|13: Christopher D. Sullivan (1870-1942), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|14|14: William I. Sirovich (1882-1939), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|15|15: John J. Boylan (1878-1938), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|16|16: John J. O'Connor (1885-1960), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|17|17: Ruth Baker Pratt (1877-1965), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|18|18: Martin J. Kennedy (1892-1955), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|19|19: Sol Bloom (1870-1949), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|20|20: Fiorello H. La Guardia (1882-1947), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|21|21: Joseph A. Gavagan (1892-1968), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|22|22: Anthony J. Griffin (1866-1935), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|23|23: Frank Oliver (1883-1968), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|24|24: James M. Fitzpatrick (1869-1949), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|25|25: Charles D. Millard (1873-1944), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|26|26: Hamilton Fish, Jr. (1888-1991), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|27|27: Harcourt J. Pratt (1866-1934), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|28|28: Parker Corning (1874-1943), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|29|29: James S. Parker (1867-1933), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|30|30: Frank Crowther (1870-1955), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|31|31: Bertrand H. Snell (1870-1958), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|32|32: Francis D. Culkin (1874-1943), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|33|33: Frederick M. Davenport (1866-1956), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|34|34: John D. Clarke (1873-1933), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|35|35: Clarence E. Hancock (1885-1948), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|36|36: John Taber (1880-1965), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|37|37: Gale H. Stalker (1889-1985), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|38|38: James L. Whitley (1872-1959), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|39|39: Archie D. Sanders (1857-1941), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|40|40: Walter G. Andrews (1889-1949), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|41|41: Edmund F. Cooke (1885-1967), "Republican"
*ushr|New York|42|42: James M. Mead (1885-1964), "Democratic"
*ushr|New York|43|43: Daniel A. Reed (1875-1959), "Republican"

North Carolina

*3: Cameron A. Morrison (1869-1953), "Democratic" …appointed to fill vacancy in preceding Congress.
*: Robert R. Reynolds (1884-1963), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, December 5 1932.
*2: Josiah W. Bailey (1873-1946), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(10 seats)"
*ushr|North Carolina|1|1: Lindsay C. Warren (1889-1976), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|2|2: John H. Kerr (1873-1958), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|3|3: Charles L. Abernethy (1872-1955), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|4|4: Edward W. Pou (1863-1934), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|5|5: Franklin W. Hancock, Jr. (1894-1969), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|6|6: J. Bayard Clark (1882-1959), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|7|7: J. Walter Lambeth (1896-1961), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|8|8: Robert L. Doughton (1863-1954), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|9|9: Alfred L. Bulwinkle (1883-1950), "Democratic"
*ushr|North Carolina|10|10: Zebulon Weaver (1872-1948), "Democratic"

North Dakota

*1: Lynn J. Frazier (1874-1947), "Republican"
*3: Gerald P. Nye (1892-1971), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|North Dakota|1|1: Olger B. Burtness (1884-1960), "Republican"
*ushr|North Dakota|2|2: Thomas Hall (1869-1958), "Republican"
*ushr|North Dakota|3|3: James H. Sinclair (1871-1943), "Republican"


*1: Simeon D. Fess (1861-1936), "Republican"
*3: Robert J. Bulkley (1880-1965), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(22 seats)"
*ushr|Ohio|1|1: Nicholas Longworth (1869-1931), "Republican" …died April 9 1931.
*: John B. Hollister (1890-1979), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, November 3 1931.
*ushr|Ohio|2|2: William E. Hess (1898-1986), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|3|3: Byron B. Harlan (1886-1949), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|4|4: John L. Cable (1884-1971), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|5|5: Frank C. Kniffin (1894-1968), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|6|6: James G. Polk (1896-1959), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|7|7: Charles Brand (1871-1966), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|8|8: Grant E. Mouser, Jr. (1895-1943), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|9|9: Wilbur M. White (1890-1973), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|10|10: Thomas A. Jenkins (1880-1959), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|11|11: Mell G. Underwood (1892-1972), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|12|12: Arthur P. Lamneck (1880-1944), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|13|13: William L. Fiesinger (1877-1953), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|14|14: Francis Seiberling (1870-1945), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|15|15: C. Ellis Moore (1884-1941), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|16|16: Charles B. McClintock (1886-1965), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|17|17: Charles F. West (1895-1955), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|18|18: B. Frank Murphy (1867-1938), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|19|19: John G. Cooper (1872-1955), "Republican"
*ushr|Ohio|20|20: Charles A. Mooney (1879-1931), "Democratic" …died May 29 1931.
*: Martin L. Sweeney (1885-1960), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, November 3 1931.
*ushr|Ohio|21|21: Robert Crosser (1874-1957), "Democratic"
*ushr|Ohio|22|22: Chester C. Bolton (1882-1939), "Republican"


*3: J. W. Elmer Thomas (1876-1965), "Democratic"
*2: Thomas P. Gore (1870-1949), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(8 seats)"
*ushr|Oklahoma|1|1: Wesley E. Disney (1883-1961), "Democratic"
*ushr|Oklahoma|2|2: William W. Hastings (1866-1938), "Democratic"
*ushr|Oklahoma|3|3: Wilburn Cartwright (1892-1979), "Democratic"
*ushr|Oklahoma|4|4: Thomas D. McKeown (1878-1951), "Democratic"
*ushr|Oklahoma|5|5: Fletcher B. Swank (1875-1950), "Democratic"
*ushr|Oklahoma|6|6: Jed J. Johnson (1888-1963), "Democratic"
*ushr|Oklahoma|7|7: James V. McClintic (1878-1948), "Democratic"
*ushr|Oklahoma|8|8: Milton C. Garber (1867-1948), "Republican"


*2: Charles L. McNary (1874-1944), "Republican"
*3: Frederick Steiwer (1883-1939), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|Oregon|1|1: Willis C. Hawley (1864-1941), "Republican"
*ushr|Oregon|2|2: Robert R. Butler (1881-1933), "Republican" …died January 7 1933.
*ushr|Oregon|3|3: Charles H. Martin (1863-1946), "Democratic"


*1: David A. Reed (1880-1953), "Republican"
*3: James J. Davis (1873-1947), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(36 seats)"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|1|1: James M. Beck (1861-1936), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|2|2: George S. Graham (1850-1931), "Republican" …died July 4 1931.
*: Edward L. Stokes (1880-1964), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, November 3 1931.
*ushr|Pennsylvania|3|3: Harry C. Ransley (1863-1941), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|4|4: Benjamin M. Golder (1891-1946), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|5|5: James J. Connolly (1881-1952), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|6|6: George A. Welsh (1878-1970), "Republican" …resigned May 31 1932.
*: Robert L. Davis (1893-1967), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, November 8 1932.
*ushr|Pennsylvania|7|7: George P. Darrow (1859-1943), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|8|8: James Wolfenden (1889-1949), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|9|9: Henry W. Watson (1856-1933), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|10|10: J. Roland Kinzer (1874-1955), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|11|11: Patrick J. Boland (1880-1942), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|12|12: C. Murray Turpin (1878-1946), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|13|13: George F. Brumm (1880-1934), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|14|14: Norton L. Lichtenwalner (1889-1960), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|15|15: Louis T. McFadden (1876-1936), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|16|16: Robert F. Rich (1883-1968), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|17|17: Frederick W. Magrady (1863-1954), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|18|18: Edward M. Beers (1877-1932), "Republican" …died April 21 1932.
*: Joseph F. Biddle (1871-1936), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, November 8 1932.
*ushr|Pennsylvania|19|19: Isaac H. Doutrich (1871-1941), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|20|20: James R. Leech (1888-1952), "Republican" …resigned January 29 1932.
*: Howard W. Stull (1876-1949), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, April 26 1932.
*ushr|Pennsylvania|21|21: J. Banks Kurtz (1867-1960), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|22|22: Harry L. Haines (1880-1947), "Democratic"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|23|23: J. Mitchell Chase (1891-1945), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|24|24: Samuel A. Kendall (1859-1933), "Republican" …died January 8 1933.
*ushr|Pennsylvania|25|25: Henry W. Temple (1864-1955), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|26|26: J. Howard Swick (1879-1952), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|27|27: Nathan L. Strong (1859-1939), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|28|28: Thomas C. Cochran (1877-1957), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|29|29: Milton W. Shreve (1858-1939), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|30|30: William R. Coyle (1878-1962), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|31|31: Adam M. Wyant (1869-1935), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|32|32: Edmund F. Erk (1872-1953), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|33|33: M. Clyde Kelly (1883-1935), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|34|34: Patrick J. Sullivan (1877-1946), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|35|35: Harry A. Estep (1884-1968), "Republican"
*ushr|Pennsylvania|36|36: Guy E. Campbell (1871-1940), "Republican"

Rhode Island

*2: Jesse H. Metcalf (1860-1942), "Republican"
*1: Felix Hebert (1874-1969), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|Rhode Island|1|1: Clark Burdick (1868-1948), "Republican"
*ushr|Rhode Island|2|2: Richard S. Aldrich (1884-1941), "Republican"
*ushr|Rhode Island|3|3: Francis B. Condon (1891-1965), "Democratic"

outh Carolina

*3: Ellison D. Smith (1864-1944), "Democratic"
*2: James F. Byrnes (1882-1972), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(7 seats)"
*ushr|South Carolina|1|1: Thomas S. McMillan (1888-1939), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|2|2: Butler B. Hare (1875-1967), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|3|3: Frederick H. Dominick (1877-1960), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|4|4: John J. McSwain (1875-1936), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|5|5: William F. Stevenson (1861-1942), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|6|6: Allard H. Gasque (1873-1938), "Democratic"
*ushr|South Carolina|7|7: Hampton P. Fulmer (1875-1944), "Democratic"

outh Dakota

*3: Peter Norbeck (1870-1936), "Republican"
*2: William J. Bulow (1869-1960), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(3 seats)"
*ushr|South Dakota|1|1: Charles A. Christopherson (1871-1951), "Republican"
*ushr|South Dakota|2|2: Royal C. Johnson (1882-1939), "Republican"
*ushr|South Dakota|3|3: William Williamson (1875-1972), "Republican"


*1: Kenneth D. McKellar (1869-1957), "Democratic"
*2: Cordell Hull (1871-1955), "Democratic" …resigned March 3 1933.:House of Representatives "(10 seats)"
*ushr|Tennessee|1|1: Oscar B. Lovette (1871-1934), "Republican"
*ushr|Tennessee|2|2: J. Will Taylor (1880-1939), "Republican"
*ushr|Tennessee|3|3: Samuel D. McReynolds (1872-1939), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|4|4: John R. Mitchell (1877-1962), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|5|5: Ewin L. Davis (1876-1949), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|6|6: Joseph W. Byrns, Sr. (1869-1936), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|7|7: Edward E. Eslick (1872-1932), "Democratic" …died June 14 1932.
*: Willa M. B. Eslick (1878-1961), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, August 14 1932.
*ushr|Tennessee|8|8: Gordon W. Browning (1889-1976), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|9|9: Jere Cooper (1893-1957), "Democratic"
*ushr|Tennessee|10|10: Edward H. Crump (1874-1954), "Democratic"


*2: Morris Sheppard (1875-1941), "Democratic"
*1: Thomas T. Connally (1877-1963), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(18 seats)"
*ushr|Texas|1|1: J. W. Wright Patman (1893-1976), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|2|2: Martin Dies, Jr. (1900-1972), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|3|3: Morgan G. Sanders (1878-1956), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|4|4: Samuel T. Rayburn (1882-1961), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|5|5: Hatton W. Sumners (1875-1962), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|6|6: Luther A. Johnson (1875-1965), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|7|7: Clay Stone Briggs (1876-1933), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|8|8: Daniel E. Garrett (1869-1932), "Democratic" …died December 13 1932.
*: Joe H. Eagle (1870-1963), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, January 28 1933.
*ushr|Texas|9|9: Joseph J. Mansfield (1861-1947), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|10|10: James P. Buchanan (1867-1937), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|11|11: Oliver H. Cross (1868-1960), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|12|12: Fritz G. Lanham (1880-1965), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|13|13: Guinn Williams (1871-1948), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|14|14: Harry M. Wurzbach (1874-1931), "Republican" …died November 6 1931.
*: Richard M. Kleberg (1887-1955), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, November 24 1931.
*ushr|Texas|15|15: John N. Garner (1868-1967), "Democratic" …resigned March 3 1933.
*ushr|Texas|16|16: R. Ewing Thomason (1879-1973), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|17|17: Thomas L. Blanton (1872-1957), "Democratic"
*ushr|Texas|18|18: J. Marvin Jones (1886-1976), "Democratic"


*3: Reed Smoot (1862-1941), "Republican"
*1: William H. King (1863-1949), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|Utah|1|1: Don B. Colton (1876-1952), "Republican"
*ushr|Utah|2|2: Frederick C. Loofbourow (1874-1949), "Republican"


*1: Porter H. Dale (1867-1933), "Republican"
*3: Frank C. Partridge (1861-1943), "Republican" …appointed to fill vacancy in preceding Congress.
*: Warren R. Austin (1877-1962), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, April 1 1931.:House of Representatives "(2 seats)"
*ushr|Vermont|1|1: John E. Weeks (1853-1949), "Republican"
*ushr|Vermont|2|2: Ernest Willard Gibson (1872-1940), "Republican"


*1: Claude A. Swanson (1862-1939), "Democratic" …resigned March 3 1933.
*2: Carter Glass (1858-1946), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(10 seats)"
*ushr|Virginia|1|1: Schuyler Otis Bland (1872-1950), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|2|2: Menalcus Lankford (1883-1937), "Republican"
*ushr|Virginia|3|3: Andrew J. Montague (1862-1937), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|4|4: Patrick Henry Drewry (1875-1947), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|5|5: Thomas G. Burch (1869-1951), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|6|6: Clifton A. Woodrum (1887-1950), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|7|7: John W. Fishburne (1868-1937), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|8|8: Howard W. Smith (1883-1976), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|9|9: John W. Flannagan, Jr. (1885-1955), "Democratic"
*ushr|Virginia|10|10: Henry St. George Tucker, III (1853-1932), "Democratic" …died July 23 1932.
*: Joel W. Flood (1894-1964), "Democratic" …elected to fill vacancy, November 8 1932.


*3: Wesley L. Jones (1863-1932), "Republican" …died November 19 1932.
*: Elijah S. Grammer (1868-1936), "Republican" ...appointed to fill vacancy, November 22 1932.
*1: Clarence C. Dill (1884-1978), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(5 seats)"
*ushr|Washington|1|1: Ralph A. Horr (1884-1960), "Republican"
*ushr|Washington|2|2: Lindley H. Hadley (1861-1948), "Republican"
*ushr|Washington|3|3: Albert Johnson (1869-1957), "Republican"
*ushr|Washington|4|4: John W. Summers (1870-1937), "Republican"
*ushr|Washington|5|5: Samuel B. Hill (1875-1958), "Democratic"

West Virginia

*1: Henry D. Hatfield (1875-1962), "Republican"
*2: Matthew M. Neely (1874-1958), "Democratic" :House of Representatives "(6 seats)"
*ushr|West Virginia|1|1: Carl G. Bachmann (1890-1980), "Republican"
*ushr|West Virginia|2|2: Frank L. Bowman (1879-1936), "Republican"
*ushr|West Virginia|3|3: Lynn S. Hornor (1874-1933), "Democratic"
*ushr|West Virginia|4|4: Robert L. Hogg (1893-1973), "Republican"
*ushr|West Virginia|5|5: Hugh Ike Shott (1866-1953), "Republican"
*ushr|West Virginia|6|6: Joseph L. Smith (1880-1962), "Democratic"


*1: Robert M. La Follette, Jr. (1895-1953), "Republican"
*3: John J. Blaine (1875-1934), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(11 seats)"
*ushr|Wisconsin|1|1: Henry Allen Cooper (1850-1931), "Republican" …died in preceding Congress
*: Thomas R. Amlie (1897-1973), "Republican" …elected to fill vacancy, October 13 1931.
*ushr|Wisconsin|2|2: Charles A. Kading (1874-1956), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|3|3: John M. Nelson (1870-1955), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|4|4: John C. Schafer (1893-1962), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|5|5: William H. Stafford (1869-1957), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|6|6: Michael K. Reilly (1869-1944), "Democratic"
*ushr|Wisconsin|7|7: Gardner R. Withrow (1892-1964), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|8|8: Gerald J. Boileau (1900-1981), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|9|9: George J. Schneider (1877-1939), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|10|10: James A. Frear (1861-1939), "Republican"
*ushr|Wisconsin|11|11: Hubert H. Peavey (1881-1937), "Republican"


*1: John B. Kendrick (1857-1933), "Democratic"
*2: Robert D. Carey (1878-1937), "Republican" :House of Representatives "(1 seat)"
*ushr|Wyoming|AL|A/L: Vincent M. Carter (1891-1972), "Republican"


:Alaska Territory
*ushr|Alaska|AL|A/L: James Wickersham (1857-1939), "Republican" :Hawaii Territory
*ushr|Hawaii|AL|A/L: Victor S. K. Houston (1876-1959), "Republican" :Philippines Territory
*ushr|Philippines|AL|A/L: Pedro Guevara (1879-1937),
*: Camilo Osías (1889-1976), :Puerto Rico Territory
*ushr|Puerto Rico|AL|A/L: Félix Córdova Dávila (1878-1938), …resigned April 11 1932.
*: José Lorenzo Pesquera (1882-1950), "I)" …appointed to fill vacancy, seated April 28 1932.


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* [http://www.gpoaccess.gov/serialset/cdocuments/hd108-222/index.html Biographical Directory of the U.S. Congress]
* [http://clerk.house.gov/art_history/house_history/index.html U.S. House of Representatives: House History]
* [http://www.senate.gov/pagelayout/reference/two_column_table/stats_and_lists.htm U.S. Senate: Statistics and Lists]

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