Lord Randolph Churchill (book)

"Lord Randolph Churchill" was a two part biography written by Winston Churchill of his father, the Victorian politician Lord Randolph Churchill. It was first published in 1906.


From 1903 until 1905, Churchill was engaged in writing "Lord Randolph Churchill", a two-volume biography of his father which was published in 1906 and received much critical acclaim. [Roy Jenkins "Churchill" (Macmillan, 2001), pages 102-103 ISBN 0-333-78290-9] However, filial devotion caused him to soften some of his father's less attractive aspects. [Roy Jenkins "Churchill" (Macmillan, 2001), page 101 ISBN 0-333-78290-9] Theodore Roosevelt, who had known Lord Randolph, reviewed the book as "a clever, tactful and rather cheap and vulgar life of that clever, tactful and rather cheap and vulgar egotist". [Cannadine op cit p. 47.] Some historians suggest Churchill used the book in part to vindicate his own career and in particular to justify crossing the floor. [e.g. Cannadine op cit p .41; Robert Rhodes James - "Churchill: A Study in Failure" p34-35]



*"The Aristocratic Adventurer" by David Cannadine; originally an essay entitled "Churchill: The Aristocratic Adventurer" in "Aspects of Aristocracy".
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