Attack! (board game)

Attack! (board game)

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"Attack!" is a board game published by Eagle Games and created by Glenn Drover released in 2003. The game has won several awards, such as the Origins Award for "Best Historical Game 2003". [cite web| url=| title=Origins Award Winners (2003)| publisher=Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts & Design| accessdate=2008-01-13]


Like the popular board game "Risk", it allows for players to create their own military states off of a board showing a map of the Earth divided into several territories and attack other players in an attempt to conquer the world, although the victory conditions for "Attack!" are a bit different from world domination. In the expansion to the board game, victory points are added. Whichever player has the most victory points by the end of the game wins. Victory points are tallied differently depending on what government type one has. The game is supposed to be set in the pre-World War II era.

Players start with 12 Infantry, 6 tanks, 4 artillery, and 2 planes. They also start with 1 Battleship, 2 Destroyers, and 2 subs. Each player chooses 4 territories of their liking, and sets their capital on 1 of the four territories. You choose actions in this order: Move, Blitzkrieg move, attack, diplomacy, and finally spend on units. Each player does his/her turn in a circle, the person with the highest die roll going first. The person who controls the sea puts his/her naval force in the Atlantic Ocean. You have to defeat his/her navy to win control of the vast oceans.

You can prevent trades and movement if you control the oceans. You can attack minor powers. The economic card you draw shows the number of the minor nation's army. You annex it if you defeat its vast army. You can also peacefully persuade the minor power to join your "great” cause. In the Expansion version of Attack technology cards, trade route cards, and p.p (Production Points) are added to your cause. Technology cards are gained by a player if he or she successfully rolls a 10 or higher with the blue dice. Every time you chip in 5 P.P, the dice roll number needed to win a technology card is subtracted by one. The technology cards give you vital advantages like tanks take three hits to destroy or planes get one extra die roll in battles. Trade Route cards are actioned cards starting at 20 p.p. every player attempts to gain it by bidding higher. The highest bid wins. You place the trade route card on the sea zone listed in bold print on the card. Subs can attempt to torpedo the precious trade route card until it’s gone. Two hits sink the trade route cards. You can, however attempt to stop this threat by guarding the much needed trade route card with carriers and destroyers. P.P is paper money that you spend on war materials such as battleships and infantry. You get more at the end of the round when you total up your economic cards' money value.

Another vital factor in the expansion is political cards. With these cards, you can wreak havoc on your enemies or aid yourself or your allies. Every time you successfully launch a diplomatic blitz or at the end of the round, you gain a new political card. Some political action cards can block other political action cards. The expansion includes the Eastern side of the world which you can add on to the western map board to make a gigantic map of the world Earth circa 1935.


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