Syed Faiz-ul Hassan Shah

Due to his main role in this movement the important religious figures had chosen him to be the fateh e qadianiyat in 1973. He was also a member of Majlis-e-Ahrar-e-Islam and also president of united Punjab. He led a very active life, teaching, preaching, writing, lecturing, and making occasional journeys. A comprehensive knowledge of all branches of Islamic learning was evident in his personality, explicated in his lectures. Preaching Islam was an essential part of his life. Thousands would attend these lectures, which usually lasted two to three hours, with some even up to five hours.Fact|date=December 2007

He baptized many Islamic scholars, including:
*Syed Khalid Hasan Shah
*Pir Saeed Ahmad Mujadadi
*Pir of Goral Shrief Shakargarh
*Allama Saeed Ahmad Farqooi.

He had a relationship with General Ayub Khan, who visited him in Allomahar Sharif.


He died in Allo Mahar Sharif while reciting the verse of belief known as "Kalima e tayueba".It was one of the most historical funerals ever prayed in Pakistan that included countless scholars and students of knowledge.Fact|date=December 2007 He was buried in his family shrine.

His son succeeded him as leader of Allomahar Sharif.


He was the son of Syed Muhammad Hussain Shah, honorary magistrate in Sialkot in British India, grand son of Pir Syed Amin Shah mujadadi and grad grand son of Pir Syed Muhammad Channan Shah Nuri He descended from a long line of Islamic nobility.Ultimately he could trace his forefathers back to the Prophet and was thus a Sayyid through Imam al-Husayn. As a child, the young Faiz ul hassan showed a propensity towards spirituality.He had four sons:
*Pir Syed Khalid Hasan Shah: Succeeded his father as leader of the family,died in 1991
*Syed Iftekhar Ul Hasan Shah ZAHRAY SHAH: Prominent Pakistani politician
*Syed Barkat Ul Hasan Shah
*Syed Sajjad Ul Hasan Shah.His grand son Pir Syed Murtaza Amin Shah is currently the religious leader of the Allomahar movement of Islamic scholars and delivers lectures in different parts of the world.


He is specially known for his oratory, and in his time was one of the most admired Muslim orators in Pakistan.Fact|date=December 2007 He was also a poet and most of his poetry was in Urdu.


The Preaching of Islam by Sir Thomas W. Arnold and Langue la literature Hindoustanies de 1850 à 1869 by M.J.H. Garcin de Tassy. The most well-known treatises and reports are written by the authors of the early period are:

*Kawajgan e Naqshband (book name) chapter Allo Mahar Sharif.
*Arbab e Waliyat (book name) Chapter Kwaja Nur muhammad chhrahi,s caliph
*Auliya e pothohar (book name) chapter caliph,s of chura sharif.
*Amir e Karwan Syed Faiz ul Hasan shah written by Shaik gulam nabi.
*Tahreek e Ihrar chapter Syed Faiz ul Hassan shah.
*Mashaikh e Maharvia (under publish) written by Dr.Rizwan Sarwar Ch.
*Maharvia number written by Pir Saeed Ahmad Mujadadi.
*Muqalat e abu-ulbayan written by pir saeed ahmad mujadadi.

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